Hell of a Guy
No legacy is so rich as honesty - William Shakespeare

Monday, February 27, 2006

Inaugural Address


“Inaugural” is defined as the “beginning of a new venture, series”  In this case, and with this website, it is a new “adventure.”  Not being a technological giant, doing this will challenge me perhaps beyond my limits, but I sure as hell will give it everything I have.  This venue is where I get to expound on my take on life, my life, politics, religion - my views on all things “God” (more later), and anything else that comes to mind.  I can choose to be serious, funny, witty, anal, nostalgic, philosophical, and romantic, and I can express feelings and views in whatsoever manner I wish to do so.  Wow!  This is so cool.

Having encouraged, for many years, numerous others to write, as my daughters know firsthand, and because of my own desire to do so, this site was given to me by my daughter and son-in-law, Meredith and Phil.  The tables have been turned on me, the ball is now in my court, it’s put up or shut up.  I have had the desire to write for a very long time, and prior to this I have put it off using excuses such as; I don’t have the time; I am way to busy; I have to do this first; with just a high school education, I don’t have the skills; I am not smart enough.  Meredith said, “Bullshit!” 

Now I must admit I am prone to a little fatherly hyperbole from time to time.  Bullshit, may be a little harsh, but then again I do have a propensity, at times, to allow my jawbone to move down and up while contorting my lips and activating my vocal cords, and all of this without any interaction of the three with any cerebral involvement.  Some may view this as the act of Bullshitting.  Hell, call a spade a spade: I Bullshit, and I am proud of it.  BSing and lying are not the same thing.  To lie is to not tell the truth.  A lie is saying something you know to be inherently false in an attempt to deceive.  BS is merely BS, and not meant to harm anyone, but just throw them off for a moment or two.

Whatever it is will be whatever it is.  Take it or leave it: use it or chuck it.  This is my blog.  If you want your own contact Phil Hertzler at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  He works cheap.