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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More On People - Making A Difference


Maya Angelou wrote, “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.  I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

As you read this, does it hit home?  It did for me.  It caused me to think about those people I have made “feel” something.  I would loath to mention I have made people feel badly, but I know I have.  I suppose I can cast this off as just a fact of life. We all piss people off from time to time; and there are times when it is done premeditatedly. And therein lay the sadness. 

On the other hand, how easy is it to brightened someone’s day just by showing a little respect and a smidgen of caring?  How many people did you encounter today that were wearing a nametag that you consciously or unconsciously chose not to read and use?  Most people light up at the mention of their own names.  Did you see someone in need today, and ignore the opportunity to support them with a little assistance?

One day not very long ago The Nancy and I were sitting at a bar – I know some will find this hard to fathom, me at a bar – and nearby sat two young men.  They were very pleasant and we soon found ourselves engaged in conversation with them.  Nice guys, open and eager to enjoy the company of two strangers sitting at a bar drinking a beer(s).  After a bit, a young lady came to the bar and joined the young men.  This one came with an attitude.  She was hell bent on letting these guys know she was “f’ing” miserable, her “f’ing” life sucked, the “GD” world is rotten, and all the crap of the world was heaped on to her.  Nancy and I listened as she turned down an invitation form the guys for a drink, and continued to throw out rude and unsolicited commentary on the state of her life.  She hit on every four-letter word I have ever heard.  This girl needed some support (aka help).

The Nancy and I came to the same conclusion, though independently, about this young woman very soon after she sat down.  She is a perfect candidate for the Millennium Workshops.  The Nancy witnessed me slip out my wallet and take out a business card.  She looked a little puzzled and gave me one of those “What’s that for looks?”  As soon as I asked Lissa (I spelled as she had to us), the bartender, for a pen, The Nancy knew exactly what I was about to do.  She and I have both completed three workshops in Dallas, and met many people who attended them who were as angry as this young lady.

This isn’t something I typically do.  This was outside of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway.  I stepped from my barstool and slipped around the corner of it where this young woman sat and simply said to her “It sounds as if you are hurting?”  We, The Nancy and I, are double-teamers when it comes to sharing our Millennium experience with others.  The program will be good for this lady.  The Nancy told her about some aspects of the program and I shared some, as well.  And here’s the neat part.  As I moved back into my own seat, the three people to our left renewed their conversation, and it was so very obvious the young woman’s demeanor and attitude had made a major shift.  She was instantly calm and soft-spoken.  Not in an embarrassed way, but in a very settled way.  Much as if a burden had been lifted from her – someone took an interest in the fact that she was hurting and cared.  She took my card with the http://www.millennium3education.com website address written on it and put it in her purse. 

I won’t ever know if she visits the website.  The Nancy and I will never know if she does the workshops, but we walked away knowing we made a difference.

And that’s all I have to say about that… 

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