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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Enough of Winter


Most of December and practically all of January brought weather that is atypical of winter, at least in the area of Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs (aka Town of Bath), West Virginia, population 711.  Once February rolled in the weather went to hell in a hand basket.  Aptly put, February sucked.  A couple of mornings on the farm the thermometer outside our kitchen window read in the single digits.  Our house is situated so the wind in the winter months just never seems to go away, and it has a really cold bite to it.  The wind can send shivers up and down your spine as it seems to reach inside your flesh right to the bone.  It is time for winter to pack up for its annual sojourn to South America, and it don’t need no going away party.

Now with spring just two weeks off it is time to begin to think about outside chores.  I suppose in just about six weeks it will be time to cut the grass once again, and that is a chore.  While we own just three and half acres, we cut about six.  It takes me about four hours to do the job.  If The Nancy and I each get on our riding mowers – yes, we have “his and hers”, we can cut the time to about two and half hours.  Trimming, that doesn’t get done but about every third cutting, can add another thirty to forty minutes to the job.  If it isn’t too hot outside the job really isn’t that bad.  I would rather cut the grass than shovel snow any day.


I am traveling this week to southern Indiana.  The weather here is fairly nice with sunny days and temps around the mid-fifties.  The weather at home is not so good.  The Nancy is buried under another eight inches of the white stuff.  She is stuck in the house with just the dog and the cat to keep her company.  I can tell you she thinks winter sucks, too.  Bring on the spring, I am longing to cut the grass…for now! 

And that is all I have to say about that…

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adding to the List of Things that Tick Me Off


I suppose some of the readers of this blog may view me as the consummate whiner, especially since some of my posts have a theme with me whining about something.  Well, today’s is no different.

Cigar smokers piss me off and from this point on they are added to my ever growing list.  Cigar smokers are the most inconsiderate people on the face of the earth.  They are no better than someone who would fart in your face and smile while they do it.  They are pigs of the worst kind.  Freud would have a field day analyzing cigar smokers – it has to be a sexual thing.  A fetish, perhaps?

The Nancy and I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Bridgeport, WV last night.  Typically when we go there we always sit at the bar.  I do not like smoky bars, but we enjoy the interaction that typically occurs at the bar.  The Outback we go to near where we live in Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, WV, aka Town of Bath, population 711, is non-smoking.  The one in Bridgeport is not.  We overlook this and most of the time the smoke level is bearable.  There really are fewer people smoking these days.  Unfortunately for us last night, Bonehead the Cigar Smoker was given an evening pass from the institution and decided to see how many meals he could spoil with his inconsiderate sex toy lookalike.

I so wanted to get up in his face and nicely tell him if he didn’t put out the cigar I would shove it up his…well, suffice it to say I am a peace lover, and to save my marriage and not create a scene, I sat there choking on the disgusting, vulgar, acerbic odor of a cigar that resembled a big turd and most certainly was the same color.  Bonehead boy was busy sitting at a small table behind me thinking he was impressing the world with his big, nasty replacement for heterosexual gratification.  Maybe his date was impressed; I was not.  I sincerely hope his clothes smell as bad this morning as mine do.  He probably thinks he smells like a man.  Some of you are probably thinking this is what I get for sitting in a designated smoking section.  Maybe it is, but then I wouldn’t have anything to whine about.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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