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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dinner From Hell or In It…


People who really know me know I rarely complain; well, I rarely complain and mean it, is what I want to get across.  In my sixty-three+ years, I have probably complained about restaurant food and service (or non-service, in this case) perhaps one or two other times.  I do not get upset easily.  A dinner at The Feed Store restaurant in Atlanta – actually College Park – may have changed my ways.

Last Monday I took eleven guests to what I thought was a quaint, small town eatery.  I checked out the menu, read about the dishes and even drove by it to check it out.  The restaurant was cute, well maintained - it appeared to be clean and neatly kept, as far as I could see peering through the windows.  The experience fell far short of my dream.

My group arrived at The Feed Store feeling chipper and ready for a sumptuous meal along with a couple of drinks to wash it down.  The chipper soon moved to somber as we were seated and seemingly ignored.  Now, neither I nor the group was in a hurry, it was just a little before seven, and we had plenty of time.  The problem began when we went from our time to theirs – the minutes seemed to stretch into hours and it was more than obvious the server was either slower than molasses (she seemed to disappear a lot) or was overwhelmed.

The reservation was under my name, so, I sat at the head of the table.  I told Bright Girl the Server Extraordinaire, I was paying the bill.  She asked if “I” would like to purchase appetizer samplers for the table, neglecting to tell me if I approved it would cost me $13.00 ahead for them.  All of you know I do not eat critter, and very frankly, there ain’t any appetizers I would pay $13.00 ahead for at any restaurant, in light of the fact that a meal was to follow.  I asked her to ask each guest if he/she would care for an appetizer.  Apparently, she asked one of them if she should just bring appetizer samplers to the table and someone said okay; however, she didn’t bother asking the payer if this was okay.  This is where the evening went awry and very much downhill.

I did get a kick out of one of my guys when finally, having been in the restaurant for nearly two hours, his entrée made it to the table.  As his plate was set down in front of him he gasped.  The portion was so small he asked Wonder Woman when his real entrée was coming.  We got a hardy laugh about his meal as the server was screwing me by adding some forty drinks to the bill at a cost of $324.25.  After a two and a half hour ordeal (most waiting for our meals to come out of the kitchen one-by-one), server girl brought me my bill.  I was shocked and dismayed.  The bill was for $1014.90.  I got upset and it did little other than send the restaurant staff scattering throughout the restaurant and as far away as they could hide.  No one came to her aid as I questioned the cost, especially the $156.00 for appetizers.  I got nowhere.  The ship was sinking and the crew abandoned the captain. 

Now I know it sounds as if I am dwelling on this, but actually, other than doing this because I e-mailed the restaurant’s owner (who hasn’t had the decency to even tell me to shove it) to let her know I would blast her establishment on my website so none of my 65,000 readers will ever grace her doorstep.  Having said that, I am completely over the worst restaurant experience of my entire life, which includes the crappy food I had to eat in school.

My advice to you is to never go to The Feed Store in College Park, GA;  that is if I like you.  If you are one of the few people on this planet I cannot stand to be around (dammit, I cannot think of any) go to this place and tell them the guy they screwed sent you.  Thank you for your support.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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