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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stretching My Independency


Last year I wrote about my displeasure with politicians and declared myself to be an independent, though still a registered republican.  This coming November I get to make the big decision: How do I vote?  This upcoming election could be a huge moment for me as I have never voted for a democrat for president.  I was a republican at birth, just as I am a Methodist – because it was how I was raised.  One thing is for sure, if the democrat candidate is Ms. Hillary, whoever the republicans run will get my vote.  But, if the “dems” run Obama, I will be presented with a problem.  I like this guy.  I like his coolness and his delivery.  Of Hillary C., I cannot say the same.

I heard people say this country is not ready for a woman as president or an African-American as president.  To that I say, “Bullshit.”  We are ready and have been ready, for either one, for a very long time.  So, please, don’t anyone hand me the “not ready” crap anymore.  Thanks, I appreciate it!!

This Obama dude has all the experience he needs.  A president is only as good as the people he/she surrounds himself/herself with as advisors and cabinet members.  The presidency of this country is really a group of people and not an individual. 

While politicos speak of the handling of the economy as being affected by the president’s policies, if it really?  The same goes for gas prices.  The high prices were blamed on the President Bush and the new democrat controlled congress was supposed to bring them down.  BS.  The prices are now higher than before, and I think just goes to show the uninformed – a group I am a card carrying member of – that politicians are full of shit…all of them.  Basically, they are just talk…no substance, just talk.  Just think of how all of them speak of what they will do for education, then after elected reject any improvement as too costly.

Ralph Nader is going to jump in the race for the White House.  Just we need, another nut case shouting down the other two.  Wasn’t Ralphy boy accused of getting GB elected and robbing Forest Gore of his rightful seat in the Oval Office?  Most people forget that Ross Perot running as an independent got 19% of the vote for president in 1992 and secured the White House for Slick Willy.  Enough of this stuff!

I like Obama.  I don’t agree with a third of what he says, but I like him and I may just cast my vote for a democrat for president.  He certainly couldn’t screw it up anymore than any other has.  Forgive me, Mom and Dad (I seem to hear a rustling from their graves), but I may do it this November and exercise my right as a declared independent to vote for whom I choose.  Time will tell.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Monday, February 25, 2008

Travel Travails


You all know I am a big proponent of “I am fully responsible for what happens to me in my life.”  Well, it seems, since I left home this morning to travel to Dayton, Ohio, a pipe that is part of our heating system at The Farm decided it was time to leak, and leak it did.  The pipe is located in the ceiling over our family room near our kitchen.  The leak apparently sprung sometime after I left the house this morning and Nancy was already at work.  Bottom-line, it leaked most of the day.  Some of the ceiling is ready to drop, the carpet is soaked and water has leaked so thoroughly through it there is a rather large puddle in the basement.  It is 9pm and a plumber is at my house charging me by the minute at a rate I hate to even try to guess.  These kinds of things happen to all of us, so what do you do but chuckle at the timing.  I was at home every night last week and all was well.  I suppose this is what you get with an older home.  Some might use a graphic term that refers to “fecal matter occurring,’ but for me, it’s just part of life.  Nancy is the one bearing the load of this untimely event.  I just get to apologize for not being there for her and accepting this event as being all my fault.  God knows I’m sorry, but God also knows I would not trade a minute of my life for anyone else’s.  See ya!

And that is all I have to say about that…

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Commitment 101…


Back in January I made a commitment to myself.  I resolved to lose some weight via a long overdue diet and exercise program.  The Nancy and I both committed to the same program.  It began with removing at least an inch thick layer of dust off the treadmill and weight machine in our basement that we had totally ignored for over two years.  The Nancy worked out the diet part; starvation, I think, is the key element of it.  Well, not exactly starvation: We just have to eat certain foods and only consume them to the point where we are satisfied but not full, and we eat four times a day.  The diet works on an eleven-day cycle and is pretty easy to follow; the hardest part for me is determining when I am satisfied rather than full.  The exercise part is time consuming and not really strenuous, but is most definitely a pain in the ass. 

As with any commitment, the success of it lay in direct proportion to ones willingness to fully participate.  I am most happy to report The Nancy and I are still very much committed to our program even as we approach the sixtieth day of it.  Thus far I am down twenty pounds and The Nancy has shed thirteen.  We can both now easily do an hour on the treadmill, if we can stand it that long, and workouts on the weight machine are a little easier, as well.  My clothes are loser, especially my pants.  I am almost ready to put my “40”waist pants in storage and bring out the 38s.  Whoopee!!!  We both feel a hell of a lot better, and I don’t now see XXL clothing as an easy alternative to a weight loss program.  I have found the diet program fairly easy to do, even though it has meant nearly giving up my beloved beer drinking (12-ounce curls) as my only means of exercise.  The various foods I get on my diet, as a non-critter eater (but not a vegetarian), are satisfyingly good.  My meat eating wife seems quite happy with hers, too. 

My personal goal was to drop twenty-five pounds.  This program has been so easy to follow and to stick with – perhaps that is because of our commitment to it, and because it is easy to follow I may go for total of thirty-five pounds.  That will put me at a very svelte, sexy 205 lbs, and is a weight I have not seen in at least fifteen years.  Bring on the Speedo, Baby!!!

I guess the next commitment I will need to make is the one to keep the weight off.  It is the one that will require the greatest “willingness to participate.”

And that is all I have to say about that…except Happy 104th Birthday, Dad!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Good is My Life…


This past Thursday The Nancy and I flew to Denver to cover a conference for my boss’s boss.  The flight out was uneventful, and very smooth.  While I cannot define any time spent on an airplane as blissful, this one was just about as close as it can get.  We took off from Dulles about 1pm and soared westward above the clouds.  The Nancy and I changed seats for a while so that she could see the movie screen and watch “Elizabeth, The Golden Age.”  I sat by the window listening to New Age music on the aircraft’s entertainment system in an almost trance-like state of mind watching the clouds slide beneath the plane, and occasionally alternating between reading my book and dozing.  It was as if the plane was stationery and the world was moving.  It was the perfect four-hour Valentine’s Day adventure with my favorite woman by my side.  How good is my life?

My bosses sent us to Denver to represent my company, me as eye candy, Nancy as an ambassador of good will and the one with the brains.  I have never been to Denver before, so this is a real treat in that respect, even though it is fairly cold with a touch of snow.  I am not a cold weather guy, but this is a nice city, even in February.  We have managed to see a little of it and enjoy some good eats and drinks, but most of all enjoying it together.  We only have one obligation today and it is not until later in the evening, so we get to get out a little bit today and take another look around Denver, providing the temperature moves up a bit.  Life is good.

As I sit here in this Starbucks at the 16th Street Mall, with some indescribable music blearing overhead, watching people busily making their way to God knows what, I can look up and see a cloudless sky with her majesty the sun beginning to light up some of the taller buildings of the Denver skyline.  It is at this point I have to thank God for this day and my opportunity to live it.  I am sixty-four years old, I am healthy, financially secure, at least for now, happily married and so in love with my life.  I am flying high 24/7.  It just can’t get any better than this. 

And that is all I have to say about that…

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