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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Saturday Morning…


It is 7:45 and I have been up for about two hours.  The house is quiet except for Sirius channel 73 (New Age), the dripping of the coffee maker and an occasional run-through by our wacky cat.  The sky is filled with gray clouds that spread from west to east.  The leafless trees appear to have skinny fingers pointing upward begging for spring to come.  The fields that surround the farmhouse I live in are a very uninviting brown.  Sixty days from now the view from this vantage point will look very different – spring will have sprung by then, but I have to say I love it just as it is.

There is a certain joy I feel when I am alone here in this room in the early hours.  I am not sure I can put how I feel it into words, but damn good seems to fit.  I read somewhere recently we should each spend ten minutes each day sitting in a quiet room alone with just our thoughts.  I find when I do this I am overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and joy, my emotion soars and I feel as if I will cry. 

On the evening news last night I heard someone say something about everyone being depressed by the economic woes we are experiencing.  I think, while many people may be depressed – loss of job or loss of income, I am not one of them.  Many people have lost jobs, but the vast majority of people still have them.  These are tough, uncertain times, no doubt.  This is the worst economy I have ever witnessed, but this to will pass.  It always has.  The economy is cyclical, it goes up and it goes down.  The good part of all of this mess is I still have Saturdays like this one, where I can sit in my favorite chair, in my favorite room, in my favorite house, in my favorite state and feel good about being alive and about myself and being able to say, “Thank you, God, for this day.”

And that is all I have to say about that…

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cell Phone Lost…


I think my Blackberry may have taken a flight out of Little Rock without me.  It just disappeared: I had it one minute and the next it was gone.  Somewhere in this airport between the Starbucks coffee area, the Southwest counter, the security line and this bar, the damn thing has walked off.

I can’t really blame it for running away.  It has been abused, misused, dropped, stepped on and down right mistreated.  I suppose my dislike for all things cellular finally got to it.  Now I feel badly, even though I so totally dislike the thing, I do need it.

When I dial the number it goes immediately to voicemail.  I think it may be on a plane with a cell phone abuser, a devious bastard who picked up my phone when I turned my head, or I left it somewhere…but I cannot imagine doing that…again.  It has been abducted.

Oh well!  I suppose all I can do is hope it is traveling somewhere without me and is happy to be free.  Maybe I will get a ransom note and can rescue the phone with a few dollars paid to some despicable character.  Perhaps it is in the possession of some poor schmuck who just made an error in judgment.  Only God knows for sure.

And that is all I have to say about that…

PS:  I have now been at the Little Rock airport for nearly four hours.  Each time I call my cell phone number it goes right to voicemail.  This is not a good sign.  I have managed to hang around the bar area with hope it will show up, which simply stated means I haven’t left the bar area,  but I have managed to scoff down four 16oz brewskis.  At this point I don’t give a shit where or what happened to the stupid phone, but I miss it.  Go figure?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Football Season - It’s Almost Over…


February 3, 2009 with the playing of the so called “Super Bowl” in Arizona will be the official end of the football season for 2008.  It will be the last day for almost seven months I have to endure watching a bunch of goofballs with painted faces, stupid headgear, wearing dumb shirts with hard to pronounce names on them like Roethlisberger or Manupapoopoo, or dumbasses that change their given names to monikers like “Oucho-Cinco.”  Thank you, Jesus. 

The Nancy is the football fan in our house.  I can take it or leave it, mostly leave it, for a lot of the games that are played.  The Nancy will watch any game at any time.  I can’t tell you how many times this season she has stayed up long after I went to bed to watch the end of some game played between two teams she nor I give a healthy crap whether they win or lose.  Me, I need to have some skin in the game to be interested in it.

I will watch and enjoy West Virginia play (I live here).  I will watch and enjoy the Colts play (I rooted for them for years when I lived in Baltimore).  I will watch and enjoy the Giants (I lived in New York State).  I will watch and enjoy the University of Virginia play (I lived in Richmond, VA for over thirty years).  I love to see Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Florida State, USC, Florida and a host of other schools and professional teams lose, but I don’t know why, probably because The Nancy is making me watch them when I’d rather watch something on the Food Network.

The end of the football season also has another meaning for me.  Just about sixty days further down the year’s road is the beginning of the spring season, my favorite time of the year – other than Christmas.  The downside of sixty days down the year’s road is that it heralds the beginning of the baseball season.  Next to football on my appreciation scale is baseball.  At least football has some action.  Baseball is like watching paint dry.  Cooking is so much more exciting than any sport, and at the end of the game, you eat.  That, I like.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009: My Best year Ever…


I have declared it, 2009 will be my best year ever.  It will be the best because I am fully responsible for its outcome.  I am in control.  All is well.

I thought 2008 was my best year ever, and it was to a point – 11:59:59, December 31, 2008.  One second later everything changed; out with the old, in with the new.

There are people who will think I am nutty as a fruit cake, and perhaps I am, but this much I know is true.  I get to decide what happens in my life.

Consider this to be my one sales pitch this year to each and everyone who accesses this website to get off your asses and go to http://www.millennium3education.com sign ,up for the workshops, and get to be as happy as I am.  It is that simple.

I know you, even though we may have never met.  I know you put on a public face to your private self.  I know there are things about you, you do not like, but don’t know why.  Maybe you are very overweight and eat for comfort, or maybe you’re physically or verbally abused and looking for the strength to escape it.  Are you a drama queen or king?  Are you a pessimist?  Maybe you are gay and hiding, rather than being who you really are.  Maybe you are waiting for your ship to come in?  Has “life” been unfair to you?  If you have ever said, “If only I” or any of the above seem to fits you, you need Millennium, and you need it now.  If you had a terminal illness and the cure lay in Dallas for a paltry $1500-$3000, would you pay it and go get well?  Well, you do have a terminal illness unless you are totally in love with yourself above all others and truly happy with whom you really are.

Please, I beg you; don’t let another minute go by of being unhappy or wanting.  You can find complete satisfaction with your life in Dallas.  Right this very minute some special pricing may be available to you if you contact Millennium either through the website or by picking up the daggone phone and calling them at 972-934-9779.  Check it out and make 2009 your best year ever. 

And that is all I have to say about that…

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