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Saturday, December 12, 2009

San Francsico, the White’s have Landed


The Nancy and I arrived in rainy, foggy San Francisco last night about 5:30 after spending a tad over six hours on a United flight with me cramped in a middle seat.  Our legs felt like rubber and our bladders were screaming for relief and we were hungry as hell.  After a short wait to retrieve our luggage we hit the rental car area – a short train ride away from terminal, got our car after a mild tussle with the Enterprise rep (she wanted me to buy insurance and didn’t like hearing “no”), we hit the wet roads for a 10-15 mile trip to The Wharf Hilton while trying not to get lost in a strange, no pun intended, town. 

I seemed to have selected the wettest time of the year in San Francisco for a visit, but, what the hell, I am going to enjoy it.  I got up this morning at o-early thirty to a pitch black sky and more rain.  Nothing opens in the hotel until 6:30, so here I sit needing coffee and sustenance with nothing to do but this and listen to Christmas music that seems to be repeating the same songs every ten minutes or so.  Other than the front desk attendant I have not seen another soul, though there is a running taxi sitting outside the front door with blackened windows.  Everyone must be sleeping in this morning.

The Nancy’s plan for today is to see San Francisco.  My plan for the same time is to explore San Francisco’s brewing facilities, purely for experimental purposes.  After all, I am a student of the art.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December in San Francisco


Tomorrow The Nancy and I are headed out to San Francisco for an extended weekend of fun and frolic – mostly fun.  My frolic is on the fritz.  Anyway, this trip is happening, it is going down, but thus far the planning of it (by me) could very easily be what is frequently described in the military as a “cluster fuck.”

I was supposed to attend a meeting near Los Angeles beginning this past Monday.  When I was told of the meeting dates about a month ago I immediately called my bride, who has never been there, and proposed she meet me Friday after the meeting in San Francisco.  The plan was to meet and spend two nights in San Francisco, a night in Napa, another in Sonoma and our last night back San Francisco near the airport.  Perfect!

I purchased a one-way ticket to LAX to attend the meeting, another one-way ticket from LAX to San Francisco timed to meet The Nancy when she arrived, and another from San Francisco back home.  I also purchased one for The Nancy from Dulles to San Francisco and a return on the same flight with me.

This is where the fun begins.  The first issue arose when The Nancy told me I had booked her a flight out of Dulles at 10:30 pm, not “am.”  I changed it.  Then I realized I made my flight arrangements from LAX to San Francisco at 11:30pm, not “am” as I intended.  I changed it (only $69.00, but I had to toss the first ticket because it would have cost $150.00 to change it.)  As luck would have it I got a call from my boss about ten days ago telling me the meeting was canceled, and since I made all my arrangements via one-way tickets and none was more than $130.00, I had to just let them go.  It would have cost more to change them or to cancel them then they were worth.  I bought a new ticket for me so I will travel with The Nancy all the way, which ain’t too bad, but I figure this min-vacation I had planned would cost us about $1000 is now up to about $1500.

This is our Christmas gift to one another.  It is just costing us 50% more than we planned.  That 50%, I am more than sure, will make it the best vacation ever, and I know it will be because I have found at least ten micro-breweries in and around San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa.  How bad can it be?

And that is all I have to say about that…

Sunday, December 06, 2009

An Almost Lazy Sunday - The Best Sunday Ever


Sitting here in “my spot” in our family room working on work stuff I should have completed weeks ago while listening to a football game that The Nancy isn’t watching but won’t let me change to something I won’t be watching because I am doing this.  Whew!

It has been a quiet day for me with most of it spent in my basement office working on the stuff I should have had completed weeks ago.  It is just too damn easy to procrastinate, especially when the shit that has to be done is shit you don’t want to do.  I mostly didn’t do it because I thought I didn’t understand how to do it.

Ever read the book “The Four Agreements?”  One of the Agreements is to not make assumptions.  We all do it, and we all make some really dumb ones.  Thank God I am into forgiveness, especially when it comes to forgiving me for doing dumb shit like making stupid assumptions.

As I got into the assignment this morning I found out quickly I had a better grasp of the computer program than I thought.  Actually it is pretty simple to navigate if I just do it.  I just had to do it to get it done, mainly because it is due tomorrow and I have little choice.

So what made it the Best Sunday Ever?  Just and only because today is today, and I am ecstatic just to be alive on this glorious day.  The rest of the crap is meaningless, but must get done.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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