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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Again…


Last night was just the second night this week I got to sleep in my own bed.  I left here last Sunday morning for two nights in Columbus, Ohio to attend a conference.  Tuesday afternoon I drove the 326 miles back here, and headed off Wednesday morning at 6:45am to Baltimore to catch a flight to Hilton Head, South Carolina for another conference.

As you might guess, I am “conferenced” out this week.  I was dragging when I got here last night, and when 9pm rolled around, I was more than ready bed. 

Business travel has been a part of my life since 1971.  There have been years when I have spent as many as 100 nights in hotel rooms.  Fortunately, these days I do travel nearly that much.  In these tough economic times, with most companies cutting back on business travel as mine is, I probably have not been out 40 nights this year.  I only have two more trips planned for this year, just five nights.

As I get older, business travel really is less attractive than it once was, in fact leisure travel can be a hassle, too.  Some of you who read this have been here to visit with us on The Farm, and you know what this place is and what it looks like.  For me, it is simply heaven on earth.  I think I would rather be here than anywhere in the world.

The Nancy and I visited Florida three times within the last six months.  We were in the San Francisco area of California for five nights last December, and a little over a year ago made a driving trip throughout New England.  We have been to New York City to see plays, visited Chicago and Dallas a couple of times.  We enjoyed a wedding in Hawaii, and vacationed in San Diego.  But the best part of every trip is always the first minutes when we arrive home and breathe in good old West Virginia air.

I got up about 6:30 this morning (The Nancy is still snuggled in the bed snoring away) and let the cat out.  Actually for me, 6:30 is like sleeping in.  There was daylight when I opened my eyes and I was a little shocked.  Anyway, it was 36 degrees outside.  The sun was just creeping over Sleepy Creek Mountain and its light was reflected off the frost on the fields.  There was a crispness in the air, a sweetness almost, that I suppose could be called the mellifluence of fall.  It is a gorgeous day and I know this is going to be The Best Day Ever, and I get to spend it right here!

And that is all I have to say about that…

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