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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ignorance or Apathy…


Suffice it to say I am not a bright guy.  I acknowledge this without regret; I am what I am.

My former wife used to tell me I was “wishy-washy” when I wouldn’t take a stand on a given subject.  I always told her it was because I wasn’t interested in the subject and had no opinion of it.  As the quintessential under-achiever that I was for most of my adult life, few things truly inspired me enough to have an opinion or to take a position.  Frankly, I just didn’t care.

I can remember guys getting into fist fights in school because someone said something about girlfriend or a family member or some other innocuous verbal assault, and I suppose to defend his honor, one punched the other and all hell broke loose.  The thought never crossed my mind to fight over anything, especially some stupid comment meant to provoke me.  I didn’t get provoked that easily, and, besides that, I was too lazy to indulge the urge and I might have gotten hurt.  I don’t do well with pain, and realized early in my life it was easier to quit than to fight. 

About the only thing I ever took an interest in when I was growing up were girls.  I had a thing for pulchritudinous females, for that matter, I still do.  I suppose it was more than natural in an aspiring post-prepubescent male, but again living up to my under achieving qualities, I decided to chase just one.

My mother, God rest her soul, didn’t understand my lack of eagerness regarding anything.  She once said to me, “David, I cannot for the life of me figure you out, I don’t know if it’s ‘ignorance or apathy?’”  To which I simply replied, “Mother, I don’t know and I don’t care.”

And that is all I have to say about that…

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Chair…


Do you recall the TV show Frazier?  Do you remember Frazier’s dad and his chair?  I am beginning to think a special “chair” becomes a part of us as we age.  It is a right of passage, I think, and I am enjoying mine.

My dad had a chair.  It sat in our living room in a corner and had a direct view of the TV.  The front of the chair was on an exact parallel to the TV screen, not more than six feet from it.  It was dad’s chair, and though we kids often sat in it during the day or after school, no one ever thought about sitting there when dad was in the house.  It was kind of like a thrown, and it was his.

I didn’t make it as a conscious decision, but I did choose, over time, this chair I am sitting in at this time as mine, just mine.  The Nancy has her own, though it took her longer to decide on it than it did me and mine. My chair is located about eighteen feet from the TV, but just like my dad’s chair it sits facing the TV almost parallel with the screen.  Our TV is a tad larger than the one my dad watched, perhaps five times the size. 

My office is in the basement of our home.  I choose to put it there in August 2009, you know, when it was warm.  Though our basement is heated, we do not keep the thermostat down there set too high.  The basement is about 3000 square feet and heating it can get a little expensive, hence a 60 degrees setting.  While I have an electric heater by my desk, it is still hard to get the space warm enough to work there comfortably, so I don’t.  I work up here in the warmth and comfort of the first floor of the house with my butt firmly panted in this chair, with my laptop resting in my lap and my cell phone on the table next to the chair.  It is everything I need to do my job, and that is the beauty of a laptop and an iPhone.

Only problem with this arrangement is the mere fact that my big ass isn’t moving around much, if at all.  I imagine if I were to count the number of hours I have sat in this chair this week it might total as many as forty or more.  My doctor would not be pleased.  Thank God, he doesn’t read my blog. 

I cannot help but wonder if this sedentary lifestyle I have assumed, though I do an hour an on the treadmill almost every day, is causing my musculature to atrophy as quickly as my medulla oblongata seems to be?  Is this having a deleterious affect on my body or on my ability to think clearly?  I find my memory ain’t what it used to be, and right now I cannot remember why the hell I started this piece in the first place.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Friday, March 04, 2011

Flight Time…


Today I added another chapter to my ever growing travel log.  I have written in the past of beautiful days in cloudless skies of ubiquitous blue, and other times where I flew over a sea of fluffy, rolling clouds; joyful times and then there are the others.  Today is one of those “others.”

I began writing this day about 4:15 as I boarded a plane in Little Rock, Arkansas bound for St. Louis and eventually into Baltimore.  I was (please note “was” is the operative word here) to land in Baltimore at 10:10pm, late in the day, but still manageable.  If (another operative) the arrival time had eventuated, I would have made it to The Farm at about midnight or a little after. 

Shortly after situating myself in my usual Southwest seat, I was off to La-la land, which in itself is highly unusual.  I was awakened with an announcement the aircraft was being diverted to Kansas City because the airport in St. Louis was shutdown due to weather.  We didn’t have enough fuel to circle for the hour the airport was expected to be closed. The day was going downhill.  I wasn’t sure I had a chance to make my connection, we were already late.

We finally arrived in St. Louis to find the flight to Baltimore was delayed.  My hopes were rising when the Baltimore flight began to board, but hold on? 

After sitting on the plane for about an hour waiting for some other connecting passengers, the lights flickered and went off.  About ten minutes later a mechanic got on the aircraft and went into the cockpit.  Ten minutes after that we were told the plane was dead and we had to disembark. 

Fortunately Southwest does not want to put up an entire plane load of people for the night, and miraculously another aircraft has been found to get us to Baltimore.

I am holding my breath…I have thirty minutes before we are to leave again.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

PS:  I got home at 3:40am…