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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

215 To Go…


I am not a worrier and I do not allow myself to be stressed (for long).  The “215” referred to in the title of this post is the number of days I have left to my official retirement date. While 2-1-2012 is approaching at the speed of light, I am concerned more about being prepared for retirement than retirement itself.  Quite frankly, I am not prepared for this event, neither financially or mentally.

A little while ago I found myself sitting in my favorite chair in the family room just staring out the window, half in a daze, my mind a blank slate.  Is this a feature of retirement?  If so, I ain’t going like it too much.  I have to keep moving, it’s a rule. 

Friends that have retired tell me how little they miss working, just the people they worked with, and then make it a point to let me know how utterly busy they are.  I have to wonder if this is a BS justification of their decision to cut the employment umbilical cord.  Are they like married guys telling the unmarried how wonderful marriage is – kind of a “misery loves company” thing?

Don’t get me wrong, I know with a house as big as this one, a vegetable garden that measures 16’ by 48’, and the seven or eight acres of grass I mow, there will always be plenty to do in the spring and summer months, but that still leaves another six to fill with some kind of activity.  Know that I am just not into puzzles of any kind, and I can only read so long before I lapsed into a vegetative state, a deep sleep.

Yes, I could work part time, but then why retire?  My boss and wife think I work part time as it is, and I have to agree, somewhat.  Many, many times when asked what I will do when I retire, my answer was to be a “geriatric porn star,” but, alas, that even in jest won’t eventuate as aging has had a deleterious affect on the equipment essential to stardom.  What to do, what to do?  Hmmm!

While finances are a consideration, my company will provide me with a pension and that with Social Security and The Nancy working two jobs should be just enough to keep a roof over my head and an adequate supply of brewed beverages in my beer fridge.

Maybe this won’t be so bad, after all?

And that is all I have to say about that… 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Out!


I suppose given the lack of recent posts, some might think I have given up blogging; however, the truth is simply this, I merely have not had a thought worth writing about. 

Too much Facebook, perhaps?  I have had some thoughts, but it seems when these brilliant ideas for a blog piece enter my brain I am not in a position to write them down.

Hang with me, I will put on my thinking cap and make a vaild attempt to put two or more thoughts together of a cohesive nature.  Maybe I can come up with something?

And that is all I have to say about that…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It’s a Starbucks Morning…


The place: Starbucks, Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.  The hour: 6:44am.  The sun is lifting over the horizon in a baby blue, cloudless sky.  The temperature: A manageable 78 degrees.  It is going to be The Best Sunday Ever!

First on the daily menu this morning is breakfast with Vivienne and Henry at the Silver Diner.  Typically, we order chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk for each of us.  Today I may have something a little more substantial.  There are already some strange rumblings emanating from my abdomen and pancakes are just not going to soothe the beast that is my hunger, but it will be at least two hours before I quell it.

It seems as though all I have done since I arrived here Friday afternoon is stuff my face.  It began Friday evening when I picked up Vivienne, soon to be eight, and Henry, a precocious four-year old, and had a delightful meal, just those two and me, at Jason’s Deli (it was all about the ice cream dessert).  Saturday morning I picked up “Chatty Kathy” and Henry adorned with his Panama hat and sunglasses, for a sumptuous breakfast at Daylight Donuts – a Bismarck for Vivienne, a chocolate donut with multi-colored sprinkles for Henry, and two crullers for me, with white milk for the three of us.  I was the only one to drink the milk, Vivienne said it tasted funny and Henry voted with her, so no more milk was consumed by either of them. I was floating when we finished – I wasn’t about to throw the milk in the trash.

The three of us killed some time riding around Richmond.  The Nancy was to have arrived at Richmond International on a flight from Charlotte a little before noon.  The flight was delayed an hour, so the kids and I took a nostalgia tour of Richmond.  I enjoyed it, the kids tolerated it.  I showed them the houses their mother grew up in, and the elementary school she attended.  We visited the Chesterfield County Airport where I took flying lessons so Henry could see some o f the smaller airplanes take off and land, and kill a little more time. 

I just knew at some point restlessness would build with the two little ones so I quelled the beast in them with a Wild Cherry Slurpee at 7-11.  It worked until the Slurpees were gone.  After a visit to a Pet Smart where we peered into the cages housing kittens and the various aquariums with fish, frogs, snakes and lizards, we stopped at a Qdoba for a quick lunch as time was approaching to meet The Nancy’s flight.

I asked the kids what they wanted to eat.  Quesadilla was the choice – with “just cheese on it, nothing else.”  A side was offered with the kids’ meals – chips, beans or applesauce.  The kids indicated chips as their choice.  As we sat down to enjoy our repast, Henry says, “I really wanted applesauce.”  Sorry, kiddo, you told me chips.  About this same time Vivienne tells me she really doesn’t like quesadillas.  I ate mine while they played with theirs, but notweithstanding the wasted food ($) I still had a great time.

We ended our eating frenzy last night with a visit to a sushi bar.  Not really my cup of tea, I don’t do fish, but the rest of our group enjoyed it $135.00 worth.

This morning in just about an hour, as The Nancy remains in a near comatose sleep mode in our hotel, I will pick up the two monsters for breakfast.  It has become a tradition of sorts, one I enjoy as much as anything I do.

Vivienne will talk my ears off, while Henry attempts to get an occasional word into the conversation.  I will try to stifle the laughter so I can appear to at least find what Vivienne is telling me as believable.  She is prone to fabricating details in her stories (a nice way of getting around calling it BS), but I love them nonetheless.

Thinking about all this eating and been satisfying. I don’t think I am hungry any longer.  Maybe I will just skip breakfast altogether.  Not!

And that is all I have to say about that…

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Proof Positive…


Here it is, proof positive!  I should never be allowed near anything mechanical in nature.  I have written of this many times.  My travails with machinery and all things mechanical continue, and I accept I am completely inept.  Hell, it took my most of my life to remember “right tighty, lefty loosey,” and don’t even mention phillips head.

One would think after owning the damn machine for three years, one might accumulate a level of competence with its operation.  One might be invariably wrong if they are considering me as the operator.  I will be lucky if it lasts the whole of this grass cutting season at this rate.


The photo isn’t the greatest, but that’s iPhone for you.  I think you can extract from this the mower is at a 45 degree angle having slid over the embankment.  I was fine, but must admit my life, such as it is, flashed before my eyes in totality as I just knew my ass was in deep do-do.  Fortunately the mower has both a roll bar and a seat belt, most likely put there because Cub Cadet realized it had provided this contraption to an idiot.

This puppy is a major investment.  The cost of it and the repairs I have had to have made, you know I won’t attempt any repair of it again given my first attempt ended up costing $1100.00 to undo what I did, now total almost $10,000.

Thank God, I make my money with my mouth and not my brain.

And that is all I have to say about that…