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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Details and Assumptions…


The Nancy and I are down here in Miami to attend the Orange Bowl, a trip we decided to make on a whim.  The planning and details left up to yours truly, you know, the detail guy.
I simply am not good at details, never have been, it is just is not my nature, and takes way too much time.  I cannot get bogged down in the minutia, I must keep moving.  This generally creates issues for me and I am too old to change, I think.

We made the decision to attend the Orange Bowl when West Virginia University was selected as one of the participating teams.  The Nancy and I had season tickets this year, made it to five home games, and decided this might be our last opportunity (financially) to see a real live bowl game.  So here we are.  But, where are we?

One would surmise when making plans to attend The Orange Bowl to be played in Miami, Florida – assuming one is not a complete screw up – that the Orange Bowl would be played at the stadium of the same name.  Makes complete sense, right?

I checked Google and got the address of the stadium, researched hotels nearby, determined our best airfares would be on Southwest flying into Ft. Lauderdale (a mere 24-mile drive to the hotel) and booked it, Dano.  I secured the hotel and a rental car.  The Nancy ordered our game tickets.  We were set to go.

We arrived at our destination yesterday at 3pm.  We have a very nice room on the 12th floor of the Miami Hilton, a corner room with a tremendous view of the ocean and downtown Miami.  Just to the west I can easily see the Orange Bowl Stadium about 2.3 miles away.

Details, assumptions?  Last night, while enjoying a couple of hundred brewskies at the hotel bar, talking with a Clemson fan, we learned, much to our surprise, the Orange Bowl is not being staged at the Orange Bowl in Miami but rather at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, which is a scant 15-mile drive back toward Ft. Lauderdale.  Say what?

Let’s analyze this a little?  I am here in Miami staying in a hotel where I will make a total 30-mile round trip to see the 2012 Orange Bowl being played at the Sun Life near Ft. Lauderdale. Wonderful!  I could have stayed at a hotel near the Sun Bowl that is probably less expensive and only five or six miles from the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, taken cabs instead of a rental car, but, no!  Instead, I will get to drive back to Miami tonight after midnight and arise tomorrow and drive 25 miles to Ft. Lauderdale to catch our flight home.  Brilliant!  Details, details, details.

Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution is in order for me to get more detail oriented, but then in the whole of my life I have never been a detail man.  Why change now?  I subscribe to the tangent of Murphy’s Law that says, “There is never enough time to do it right, but always time to do it over,” and it has served me well.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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