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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Pain in the Ass…


I have the distinct pleasure today to prepare for a colonoscopy tomorrow. This will be my sixth or seventh in the last 25 years. The prep sucks, the procedure is a piece of cake. If you are over age 50 or have a family history of colon issues, you need to get this ASAP. I have lost several friends to colon cancer, I don’t plan to join them because of this very preventable illness.

Just my two cents.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014, A New Beginning


The Nancy and I stayed up last night until The Ball dropped: we ushered the New Year in the front door while symbolically pushing the old year out the back door.  2013 presented both of us with some challenges, more so with The Nancy than with me, but I will stand by it being my Best Year Ever, though The Nancy waiver on that a bit.

For me, the second year of my retirement, and as I approach my 70th birthday, has been another year of adjusting to a more settled, quiet, less-demanding lifestyle.  I might add this adjustment is more and more satisfying with each passing day.  My Bucket List continues to be very short, almost to the point of being point free, and it’s not that I have accomplished everything I wish to do; it’s more like I am too damn lazy to sit down and think of crap I would like to do, but, I am a very, very happy dude. 

The Nancy’s year has had some ups and downs.  In April she had an invasive surgery having endured abdominal pain (which she pretty much kept secret) for an entire year.  Her job has presented her with many opportunities, as a dear friend calls them, causing her to speak of retiring.  Then, or a more somber note, in late May her mother had a debilitating stroke and subsequently passed away on June 20th.  The Nancy’s dad, who is just a fabulous guy, has had some health issues of his own since the passing of his wife, causing, of course, great concern for him among his four children.  But, given all of this, though it might be hard for some to understand, I think she, as I, would assess this year as The Best Year Ever.

So, here I sit in my favorite chair, in my favorite room here on The Farm as my wife snores away snug in her bed, I feel very good about the year past and really look forward to what 2014 will bring.  I know deep within my heart, I am in control of my attitude and am the source of my happiness.  I get to choose if 2014 will be a great year, a mediocre year or one that just sucks.  If you have visited this site before, you know what I will declare 2014 to be.  This will be my Best Year Ever.

Happy New Year to all!
And that is all I have to say about that…