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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wonderful World of Casinos…


Lake Charles, Louisiana, the L’Auberge Resort Casino, just your day-to-day average American casino; large, smoky, crowded and very Walmart-like with the clientele, present company excluded…for sure.

You might guess from the first sentence, I am not a fan of casinos. I wrote a piece a while back about my experience at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi, basically a hate piece. This one won’t differ greatly from that one.

The first thing one notices outside of the registration area is the tobacco odor. The place reeks of stale tobacco products, a nasty, at best, smell. It permeates the air, gets in your nostrils and is hard to shake.

Secondly, the people. These poor souls coming to these places (having likely been asked to leave a Walmart for being overdressed), with their SNAP cards and welfare or Social Security checks in hand just hoping with all their hearts to strike it rich. They just do not get it. These casinos do not exist because the vast majority of gambling fools make money. It is truly a sad thing to watch some of the elderly using their walkers to get around this place, knowing most of them leave with a lot less of what they had when they walked in. It is super sad. It was sad this at 6:30 this morning when I came from my room, walked past a casino entrance on my way to the coffee shop, seeing hundreds of people in the casino and many sleeping in most of the chairs around the hotel’s lobby. Think some people are afflicted with a gambling addiction? Duh!

I am not exactly sure how the laws governing casinos work, but I do know it, too, is stupid and sad. There is something in the law that says casinos here, and in other gulf coast states, must be “off shore,” unless they are on Indian land. To that end the casino portion of the resort is built on a foundation surrounded by water (in the case of this place about an 18” separation) so it resembles a barge and is not permanently attached to the brick and mortar portion of the resort’s hotel. Oh, please! Spare me the nonsense of that.

The Nancy and I are here as guests of a conference of school business officials. This one is not a place either of us would choose to visit to relax or vacation. Neither of us are gamers or gamblers, therefore the venue presents no great thrill for she or I, and other than gambling there isn’t much here to do – well, other than an occasional drink or two. I am amazed at the number of families here dragging small children to this place. Other than the pool, there is nothing here attractive to children of any age.

The best part of this “resort” to me (a term loosely used) is the Jack Daniel’s Bar and Grill. The food is basically bar food, and okay, but they have 25 beers on tap, which means they may have one or two I might drink and already have.

Consider this a review of sorts, I suppose. This is probably my first and last time here, but then again, who am I to say “never.” For now I will probably put on my big boy pants and go to the lobby and observe the people. I need a good laugh.

And that is all I have to say about that…