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Monday, April 13, 2015

Kid Watching…


This past Friday The Nancy and I arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC for her the big event of her (SASBO) Southeastern Association of School Business Officials’ year at this beach front Hilton hotel. The place is teeming with families with small children, lots of toddlers, and this is just heavenly to me.

I have a thing for kids. I just love watching them. Little kids are so honest in everything they do. They do not hold back, at all. These little guys are excited and tired; they laugh; they scream; they smile. They hide behind their parents when I flirt with them, but eventually they recognize I mean them no harm and flirt back. I remember one time when one little guy asked me if I was a stranger. Obviously someone had told him to be wary of people he did not know. I know I have be sensitive to that.

Nothing is sweeter to my ears than the laughter of a child, and to watch two little ones interacting is sheer joy to me.

Bring on the babies.

And that is all I have to say about that…