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Friday, October 30, 2015

Politically Correct, No Mas…


Am I the only one out here who is totally fed up with the politically correct crowd? I surely hope not.

Sick of this crap is an understatement. I refuse to take part in it from this moment forward. I no longer care if I offend a female “congressman,” a female “postman,” or any female working in a position once dominated by men. I will refer to “mankind,” first-year college students as freshman and fourth-year students as seniors. I will wish you a “Merry Christmas,” and always refer to the school break given to students in December as the “Christmas vacation.” I will celebrate Good Friday and Easter. I will say “Thank God” as often as I can and will always believe anyone and everyone has a right to pray anytime, anywhere, and I don’t care who it offends. I am sick of the so called War on Women and believe abortion is a nice word for murder. I don’t believe any employer should be required to provide a means for a women to have sex under guise of “birth control.” That one is pure utter BS, period. And then don’t get me even started on “illegal aliens” versus the “undocumented immigrant” tag. It’s even more BS.

I once worked with a guy, shortly after high school, who I assumed was gay, or as my mother referred to them as queer (to her it merely meant different), Lindsay was a bit of an introvert. My friend Lindsay would often say, “I hate Jews, niggers, Catholics and foreigners.” Actually, he didn’t hate anyone, but my friend Lindsay was not to be politically correct then and I seriously doubt, if he is still living, there is a politically correct bone in his body today.

These days a bunch of people, most likely Liberal Progressives, so are up in arms that everything we do is offensive to someone. I saw the other day the President is banning the serving of pork in federal prisons because it offends Muslims. By the way, he never did that for Jewish prisoners, but that’s another story. Muslims seemed to be offended by everything and anything we do in this country, even more than atheists, which is another group I have little respect for – a bunch of whiners.

If someone reads this and is offended, frankly, I don’t care. I have taken up putting words in my dearly departed mother’s mouth, knowing she would never have used this kind of language, but I do it nonetheless. I stretch it by saying, and it works well with this piece, in the words of my mother, “fuck ‘em.”

I am tired of having to supposedly worry about offending anyone with anything I do, say, eat or my beliefs, which I have never done anyway, and won’t start now.

Have a blessed day!

And that is all I have to say about that…