Hell of a Guy
If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. - Mario Andretti

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Attitude and Life…


The Nancy and I are attending a conference at Virginia Tech this week. While I was out exploring the campus here that I had not been on since the late 1990s, Nancy attended a session with a speaker whose theme was “Attitude.” I have some thoughts on this, even though I did not hear the guy speak. The Nancy told me he offered that one’s attitude greatly affects others who happen to be nearby. I wholeheartedly agree.

How many times have all of us been in the presence of someone with a crappy attitude that just made us miserable, brought a bad vibe to group? If I asked for a show of hands in a crowded room, I bet there would be 100% participation. People affect people. Similarly, if you are with someone who is cheerful and happy the overall mood in the room is cheerful and happy. Human nature, I suppose but nonetheless true.

I have always, well perhaps not always, but certainly for a very long time, known I am 100% in charge of my attitude. 100%! I can choose to be happy, if even things don’t go my way, or I can choose to be a dick and drag everyone’s attitude to my level.

Now, most of the time…99.9% of it, I am happy as hell, but I have to laugh, which I often do, when I am in the car alone as I talk to myself about the other drivers on the road with me. It works this way, Mr. 100% in Charge of Attitude, if they are driving faster than I they are assholes; however, if slower than I they are idiots. These people should go park their vehicles and toss the keys in the garbage.

I must admit today my attitude is high, 100%, and because I will it, it will remain at that level.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Friday, May 04, 2018

Spring is in the Air, and Other Stuff.


This is without doubt my favorite time of the year. Spring, a time of renewal, of rebirth.

The fruit trees are beginning to flower, the oaks and maples are showing a little green. Red Bud is full out. Love, too, is in the air. Wild turkeys are singing their “mating song,” as are the peepers (toads) and birds are joining in with their own, too. Soon it will be time to bring the rockers and plants to the porch. This is my time.

Spring also brings some drudge work. Mowing, for one. I have one mowing under my belt thus far, and about fifteen or so to go this season. I mow about eight acres, and that eight acres takes about five hours. I once figured it takes about as much time for me to mow as it would for me to drive to Cleveland or New York City. Such is the price I pay to live here on The Farm.

Just yesterday I tilled my garden space getting it ready for planting which is just days away now. My advancing age was evidenced by how miserably tired I was after just a few hours…so much so when I showered I was too tired to shave making me look a lot like Grizzly Adams. I do not have the stamina I once had. I certainly did not yesterday, though I can attribute some of that to the 91-degree temperature here that was quite unusual for May 3rd.

Today is “Take it Easy” day. My extensive schedule calls for me to sit in my favorite chair musing in idle thought, thinking of all those chores and tasks I need to get to, but, then, what’s the hurry?

And that is all I have to say about that…