Hell of a Guy
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Anniversary to Ponder…


Seventeen years ago today at about 4pm I stopped at a Burger King restaurant in Grantsville, Maryland just off Interstate 68 at exit 22.  I was on my way home to Richmond, Virginia from spending a weekend with The Nancy at her home in Grafton, West Virginia, and I was hungry.
I drove into the Burger King with my usual expectation of what I was about to consume, that being no expectations at all other than to purchase something to quell the rumbling in my stomach.  My order was placed at the drive-in window – Whopper with cheese, an order of fries and a Coke (probably Diet).  Order in hand, I got back on the interstate heading easterly and ate the sandwich, scoffed down the fires and the drink and satisfied my hunger.  It wasn’t too many miles down the road I got that old feeling.  Prior to this occasion I had had many episodes of gastrointestinal distress.  I am not saying there was anything wrong with the food I bought at that Burger King, but it did trigger a reaction within my guts I had experienced at least once a month for nearly four years, and I was tired of it.

This distress began as a mild cramp in my abdomen.  As time passed the cramps would intensify and this went on for up to eight to ten hours.  At about the time the cramping would bring tears to my eyes I would involuntarily, to put it nicely, empty the contents of my stomach.  Once regurgitation was accomplished the cramps would subside and within a half an hour or so I was back to normal.  It was a nutty time.

This particular day as I continued my drive back to my habitual abode the cramps worsened as they always did, and as they intensified I decided I would stop eating animal flesh – bovine, porcine, fowl and all seafood.  At first I thought it would be tough, it wasn’t.  After the first month or so I rarely thought about meat, and now it has been so long I have forgotten how most of it tastes.  I can tell you on those occasions where I have had a chunk of meat in my mouth I can tell immediately by the mouth feel of it, and I can also say the mouth feel of meat is not a pleasant one for me.

People ask me from time to time how I could have given up eating meat.  Then they tell me they could not, and to that I simply tell them if eating meat made them throw up, they could work it out.  I also tell them the last time I threw up was on August 11th, 1996 at about 9pm.  End of story, over and out.

And that is all I have to say about that…