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Sunday, December 02, 2012

And Now the End is Near…


Yesterday The Nancy and I attended the last of this year’s West Virginia University’s last home games, and fortunately, though I don’t think the outcome ever truly in doubt even before the game began, WVU won.

I think most people who read this blog with any regularity know The Nancy is the true football fan in this house, especially WVU football, but almost any game, I mean any game, is supreme entertainment to her.  Example: Both Friday night and last night I went to bed about 10pm while The Nancy stayed up close to midnight to watch the end of a college football game – I don’t remember what game she watched Friday night, but it was Texas and K-State last night.  I think with her it is genetic; her dad is a FB (not Facebook) nut, as well.  She is the same way with NFL games, too.  But, even though I am not the most enthusiastic fan at home, there is something that is extremely exhilarating about being in the a stadium with 65,000 other people all of whom are there to watch eleven very physically fit young men attempt to outplay and outscore another group of eleven physically fit men.  For some inexplicable reason in a stadium watching a football game it is more than okay to scream and yell like an idiot and occasionally utter as loud as possible a few expletives one of our tailgating mates refers to as “football words.”  These include a variety of four letter words, one of which is associated with a sex act, another with fecal matter of any kind, and yet another more specific term used when disagreeable referee calls made refers to bovine excrement…and all very often used at the most inappropriate times around younger children.  Still, this is football at its finest.

Sitting outdoors watching the game yesterday was not unpleasant.  The Temperature hovered in the mid- to low-50s with a slight breeze.  It was so not December weather, proving once again to me there is a merciful God looking out for me; I was comfortable throughout the game with just a heavy sweatshirt on.  A couple of years ago we sat in the same stadium wearing multiple layers with temps falling to the teens and nearly froze by the time a game ended, which prompted a promise to myself of “ never again.”  It took several days for my body to thaw after that ordeal.  The only redeeming factor was that WVU won that one, too.

With the end of the football season also comes the end of tailgating season.  The past two years we have hooked up with some like-minded people and have thoroughly enjoyed spending some pre-game and post-game time with them.  That has been an utter joy.  There is just something about sharing football moments with other people that makes the whole deal memorable, whether it be anticipating or celebrating a win, or commiserating a loss.  As much as I pan football and zing The Nancy’s zealous joy in it, I will miss it (a little) next month when the season is finally over.
And that is all I have to say about that…