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50,000 Hits and Counting


Just about the time this little ditty hits my website, Hell-of-a-Guy will have surpassed 50,000 hits.  Seems to me the first piece I posted on the site was about February 28, 2006, so this milestone hits just about eighteen months after the inaugural posting.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever contemplate anything near this kind of activity, having truly believed it would be something to play with and use as an on-line journal, and while I do that, I also hope some of the posts have been beneficial in some way to each of you who steal time on your job to check this out once in a while.  Your boss may not appreciate your use of your company’s equipment and work hours to see what Bozo and Company has used his bosses time and equipment to place here, but I do.  Thanks for being here, and ya’all come back now, ya’ hear?

With all of that said, I cannot help but wonder who all of you may be.  Since April 2006, I handed out a couple of thousand cards with the name of this website printed on them.  A lot of them given to folks I know, but a huge number handed out to strangers and gorgeous women I’d like to know – if The Nancy had a sense of humor, that is.  I have given cards out to bartenders, servers, kids, people on airplanes, at trade shows, just about anywhere I go and to a lot of the people I meet.  It has been a blast.

I have written of my first wife, my current wife, my girls, my stepdaughter, my grandchildren, cutting the grass buck naked (What?  Sorry, Mom.), about my sex life, my emotional whimpiness, my vegetarianism, getting lost in good music, watching sunrises and sunsets, about toilet seats, my search for a Higher Being, my mom and dad and God knows what else.  I have written these things at night and on weekends, at work (shhh!), but never in the bathroom.  And, it has been fun.

Thanks for coming here.  Thanks for the comments and also for the lack of critical comments.  Thanks, especially, for being part of my life.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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