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A 13th Birthday…


Do you remember yours?  My 13th came in 1957, the same year I began the 7th grade at Hamilton Junior High School in Baltimore.  Dwight Eisenhower was President and the U.S. was thankfully between wars.  The Russians launched Sputnik and the Space Race was on.  TV was still broadcast in black and white, AM radio was king of the airwaves, computers like Univac took up entire rooms and were slower than molasses, and life, as a whole, was a hell of a lot simpler than it is today.

Justin is thirteen today.  Right now his life is upside down, and he is torn between his love for his dad and also for his mom.  The poor kid is conflicted; he is neither a man nor a child, and simply doesn’t understand what is going on within his body - hormonally, physically or psychologically.  He has shot up about five inches this year, though his weight spurt has not caught up with his height.  It is easy for him to get ahead of himself and act out way ahead of his age and also within it, and that is what becoming a teenager is all about.  It is a learning curve that has to be experienced by everyone on the road to adulthood. 

Thank God, I was the perfect child, as I look back upon my own thirteenth year.  My road to growing up was as straight as it could be, and I only hated my parents for a while along the way.  I knew everything there was to know and was wise way beyond my years.  Other than that I was the average jackass thirteen-year old, but I did survive the experience just as my main man Justin will, and I am a little envious of him getting to take the journey. 

Looking back on my life now I just know I would go back, if I could, and do it all over exactly as it went down (the good, the bad, the ugly), especially since I now know I would have a good fifty-three more years beyond my thirteenth birthday to do it. 

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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