Hell of a Guy

A Chain of Events…


On January 26th The Nancy and I flew to Savannah, Georgia so she could attend a school business officials meeting.  That began the chain of events that has practically kept us away from home since.

Chain link #1:  We spent five unseasonably chilly days in Savannah on personal highs as The Nancy was named the next executive director of the Southeastern Association of School Business Officials.  On the fifth day, I got a text from The Nancy’s sister asking for one of us to call her.  The sister was with The Nancy’s dad back in West Virginia and he had not been feeling well since before we left.  We were concerned.

The Nancy made the call only to discover it was her brother and not her dad that was to be the subject of the call.  The Brother had had a mild heart attack (but most definitely a warning) and was hospitalized.  This call came on Wednesday and we were due to fly home on Friday.  A quickly formed plan was developed – we would fly back into Dulles, go home and unpack then repack, and head west as early on Saturday as we could manage.

Chain link #2:  The Sister and The Nancy’s dad threw some duds in a bag and headed to the southwestern part of the state 200 miles away to check on The Brother.  As they meandered down the Interstate, The Dad began to experience some discomfort that moved to very uncomfortable chest pains.  The Sister reversed course and headed back 60 miles to a hospital.  The Dad was immediately admitted for observation.  Meanwhile, having heard of the latest installment in this fast moving serial, The Nancy and I are panicking as we are about to board a plane in Savannah with a feeling of complete helplessness. 

We made it home, worried sick as you might imagine, unpacked, repacked, and made our plans to exit the homestead after one night, much to the chagrin of our cat, I might add.  We left The Farm about 7am on Saturday and went directly to the hospital where we found The Dad resting but confused as to what was happening.  At that time we learned The Brother would be having a quintuple heart-bypass surgery on the following Monday.  Once we were satisfied old dad was in good hands, we made a day trip to see The Brother on Sunday.  We found him in good spirits, though anxious, spent a couple of hours with him and then made the return 200-miler back to be with The Dad.  At the end of that day, we were exhausted.

Chain link #3:  The Dad had a heart catheterization on Monday as The Brother was about to go under the knife in another hospital.  We found The Dad also was in dire need of a bypass surgery, but had to move to another hospital to have it done.  He was transported later that evening and his surgery was scheduled for Thursday.  The Brother, in the meantime, made it through his ordeal in good stead; The Dad’s surgery a couple of days later did not fare so well.  He actually underwent four surgeries in about 36 hours.

Both The Dad and The Brother are doing extremely well as of today.  The Brother is at home now having spent just five days in the hospital after his operation.  The Dad’s has been relocated back to the first hospital and is doing some rehabilitation, and is doing amazingly well.  He complains only of being sore, and has not had any pain meds since two days after his surgery.  Amazing!  I could have added several more links to this saga; however, my mind is about fried, so I won’t.

In all of this, The Nancy has spent one night at home in the last three weeks.  I spent two, having made a trip back just to make sure The Cat (she warrants caps) had food and water.  The good news, very welcomed news, is we are headed home today, though not knowing what we will see since two feet of snow fell earlier this week.

And that (finally) is all I have to say about that…

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