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A Delicate Matter…


I believe I have the perfect marriage and the perfect wife.  My wife and I have a partnership, and that, I believe, is what constitutes the perfect marriage.  It is all about respect and sharing.

I have read, and I believe it, that “Unconditional Love” can only be given to another if one has no need of that person and no expectation of that person.  The need part confused me, at first, but as I thought about it over and over, and what it means, very simply, is that The Nancy doesn’t have to do anything for me for me to love her unconditionally (otherwise the relationship we have would be conditional, right?).  The other part of the equation is “expectation.”  I do not have any expectation of The Nancy.  All she has to do is be The Nancy…a part she plays very well.  Neat, eh?

The Nancy allows me to have all the fun, or at least a large part of it.  I get to do most of the cooking at home.  I like it, and she just doesn’t catch any wood at all in the kitchen.  The Nancy allows me to do most of the ironing.  Most mornings before she exercises or hits the shower, she is nice enough to lay out her outfit of the day for me to press for her.  Having lived alone for a time, ironing ain’t no big deal, in fact, it is therapeutic.  I do most of the laundry most of the time, mainly because I am at home more than she – I go home for lunch.  I say most of the laundry because I am not allowed to do her “delicates,” mainly, I think, though she has not said it, because she doesn’t trust me to do them to her satisfaction, and she has no expectations of me.

I am not exactly sure what “delicates” totally consist of, but I know when The Nancy does launder “delicates,” they usually end up hanging from every door frame, closet frame, shower rod and towel rod in our bedroom.  They must be very, very special.  They have their own laundry basket.

It doesn’t really matter to me I am not allowed do her “delicates.”  I would not mind doing them for her, should she want me to.  She doesn’t mind asking me to remove polish from her toenails, or even to pluck hairs from her chin, though I have always refused that request.  It is all part of the partnership, I suppose - we share.  I think she is trying to protect me, and just proves how unconditionally she loves me.

Just so you know, I would let her do my delicates, anytime!

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