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A Fall Day on the Farm


It is a beautiful fall day here on the Farm.  At this moment the sun is slowly dropping below the western horizon just beyond Cacapon Mountain.  The sky above it is very blue and nearly cloudless.  The contrast between the multi-colored leaves, the blue of the sky and the reddish hue of the waning sun is nothing short of spectacular.  The wind is blowing from the west and the remaining leaves on the trees are dancing in what remains of the sun light.  I am really a spring guy, but this fall day is just perfect in every way.

My day began at 5:20 this morning.  Without saying The Nancy woke me up with her snoring because I am not allowed to speak of her snoring to anyone but her; however I was awakened by strange noises in my bedroom that sounded a lot like The Nancy when she snores.  I tried to get back to sleep, but something in the room that sounded strangely like a buzzing chainsaw let me know my effort would go unrewarded, so I got up. 

By 5:40 I was outside in the morning blackness talking to our cat Lisa, and looking at the clearest night sky I have seen since last winter.  Thousands of stars and a half moon lit up the heavens and I was awestruck with its vast beauty.  I stood gazing at this heavenly picture for several minutes before saying out loud, “Screw this, I need coffee,” with no one but Lisa to hear me.  So much for beauty, caffeine took precedence.

The Nancy and I ended up doing a lot of nothing today.  We got some chores and some odd jobs completed before we settled down in our favorite chairs to watch some football, drink some beer and enjoy each other’s company (which means The Nancy is sitting across the room from me reading a book and I am typing BS on this laptop while Maryland and Virginia try to tear each other’s heads off.  Man, this is the life!

Oops!  My beer is empty and Virginia just stole the game from Maryland.  Well, so much for fall days, beautiful skies, radiant fall colors, chores and odd jobs, and, oh yes, bullshit stories.  It’s time for bed.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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