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A Fart in the Woods…


The Nancy and I took a long walk on the Western Maryland Rail Trail in Hancock, MD this morning, a beautiful spring morning I might add. We used the time primarily for the exercise of it, but as we walked we got to enjoy the surrounding sounds nature brings to the season. As we were approaching the last mile of our trek I suddenly had a snippet of a thought developing way, way back in my mind. The title of this piece leans heavily into it.

I just couldn’t help but wonder if someone is in the woods and farts, does the fart, in fact, constitute an act of nature, and therefore a nature sound? Assuming, since I am as much a part of nature as any bird, frog or other creature equipped to make sounds, a fart is quite a natural occurrence, and more times than not, involuntary. Thus, it is a thought worth pondering.

Now this did not happen to The Nancy or me, i.e., flatulence, that is. We merely walked along at a casual pace taking in the peacefulness of a May morning, at times bantering, and other times in quietude. It was nice. It was during a quiet time this fart thing entered my rapidly atrophying medulla oblongata, but I have to admit a good fart is more than natural (and when alone really quite satisfying, often with a heightened sense of accomplishment).

Many of the sounds we hear this time of year from our animal friends are nothing more that mating calls. Happily and thankfully a fart is not one of them…I think.
And that is all I have to say about that…

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