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A Magnet for Weirdos…


Is there a sign on my back that says “I love weirdos?”  What is it about me that draws these people to me?

Tuesday evening I was at a nice little micro-brewery in Berea, Ohio, enjoying a beer at a really nice bar; a classy little place.  I had had a good meal with some friends and had actually left the restaurant when I realized I had left my cell phone on the table, and went back to into the restaurant retrieve it.  After not finding the cell phone at the table, but instead locating it in my back pocket where it obviously was hiding all the time, and knowing I was only heading back to my hotel room with absolutely nothing to do but watch the tube, I decided to have one more beer.  (A side note: The Cornerstone Brewery has an outstanding IPA called Seven, if you are interested.  Seven has an IBU of 91 and an ABV of 7.5.  Bud Light has an IBU of 4.)  I bellied up to the bar, these days it touches the bar long before the rest of me arrives, and ordered the beer.  I had planned to savor it and enjoy kicking back with no place to go and no one to see.

Exactly how the conversation with the guy sitting two stools to my right got started, I am not sure, but it didn’t take long to enter The Twilight Zone, that is for sure.  Something was said about age, and then the young man sitting near to me said something about it being special to have been born at a time to be able to live in two millennia.  Dive! Dive! Danger, Will Robinson!  Abandon the ship!  Let’s get out of here, Tonto!  Run for your lives!  Beam me up, Scotty!  This is where it got weird.

I told him I have grandchildren that were born in the 90’s and I believe that, with today’s quality of life and advances in medicine, they could very possibly live to see 2100.  “Won’t happen,” he says.  So the obvious question from me is, why not?

“Mr. Conspiracy Theorist” then goes into a dissertation on the Government’s programs designed to shorten our lives.  Programs either approved by or concocted by the government to put products in the market place that deliberately make us obese and unhealthy.  All in the name of profit.  Profit for companies and profit for the medical community.  In essence, the government wants us dead.

Bullshit, I say.  Where in the hell did you come up with that nonsense?  He tells me he has seen the reports (all the while I am thinking he read this in the National Enquirer or some other “newspaper”).  My man is definitely out there.  In addition to making no sense at all, “Intellecto Man” had just a little difficulty forming words.  There was very definite slurring going on.  But he was entertaining.  I was just about to start to egg him on about his thoughts on manned moon missions, the World Trade Center disaster and the Holocaust when a guy came in and sat down on the stool between us.  It pretty much ended the conversation, so I finished my beer, but couldn’t resist telling the guy on my way out that I hope he enjoyed “day out.”  I think he was too gone to get it.

I have added this one to my collection of characters met on the Road of Life.  They are my entertainment and, perhaps, I am theirs.  I’ve written before of my belief we are all connected, and I know I don’t meet these people by accident.  I gave this young man my card with this website address on it.  So I will end this post with a message to him should he read it…  Thanks buddy, for the conversation and the laughs.  You seem like a very nice young man but your thinking is a little warped…and I get that you are headed for a life of misery and paranoia.  God bless you and protect you from the Government.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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I was at that bar, didn’t recognize you when you didn’t recognize me as I was in a former state. I used to be like that in a different kind of way. Oh for the training to grab people like that and get them on Soylent Green.

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