Hell of a Guy

A Nightmare in the Making…


If you have been visiting here from time to time, you may have read a piece or two wherein I pontificate on my beer proclivities.  You may have picked up on the undeniable and irrefutable fact I will attempt not to enjoy any beer brewed by or connected to Anheuser-Busch, you know, the self-appointed, undisputed king of profit…I mean, beer.  My body is a temple, and I will not destroy it by putting anything as foul as a Bud or any Bud-like beer in it.

In my humble opinion (one that matches the opinion of serious beer drinkers worldwide - those who drink to enjoy the flavor, character and the sheer pleasure of tasting handcrafted beers) AB doesn’t brew beer, it brews mass-produced industrial swills.  Swill is a watered down, wimpy, girly beer enjoyed by those of limited capacity or those easily duped by continuous indoctrination via a flood of misinformation on TV and radio.  That misinformation may include statements like “Bud’s taste is satisfying” or “Bud has a crisp and clean finish.”  Yuck!  Bud is the king of advertising and profit and nothing more.  To me Bud looks like urine, and it probably tastes about the same as urine…though it won’t be me making that taste test.

One reason AB has had this huge success with its nasty beers, is because AB is buying up small breweries all over the country, thereby eliminating your choices.  My choice has never gone to the Bud route, even back when I had no idea what real beer really is and how it should taste.  To be completely fair, I also do not drink any massed produced beer, including those brewed by Miller, Schlitz, Pabst, etc.  Here in America we have a veritable pantheon of really lousy beers from which to choose.  I pray each day the beer drinkers of this country will come to their senses and shun this crap that is marketed as “beer.” 

All of this vitriolic came to mind today as I was returning to my office from a sumptuous cheese sandwich lunch.  The Nightmare in the Making” began as I rounded a corner on a two-lane road and was shocked to see an enormous Bud delivery truck taking its half of the road out of the middle.  Leaving me what seemed to be too little room between the truck and a ditch to get by.  The damn thing nearly ran over me, and that travesty would have caused chuckles throughout the Bud Drinking Universe.  Everyone knows I detest Anheuser-Busch and all the crap it passes off as “beer.”  What irony it would be for me to succumb to a “Bud” in any form.  I think AB may have a contract out on me.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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