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A Time for Trash…


The Nancy and I are in the process of cleaning out her parents’ properties…that is, all three of them.

We actually began this process about three years ago, one year after her mother passed away, much to the chagrin of her father. At one property we ordered a 30 cubic yard dumpster to be placed in the driveway. We filled it, with the help of her brothers and sister, to overflowing. We then ordered another to be delivered at her parents’ home just up the street. As we began to toss stuff there, it became more than evident our actions deeply affected her dad. We stopped just short of filling the second dumpster to half capacity, but could have filled it and another…that is for darn sure.

In mid-July her dad died after a 54-day hospital stay. Now we are deep into getting the old home place, the rental house and her folks’ getaway camp ready to sell. This means some really exhaustive cleaning and tossing. I am certain Kate and Joe never threw away anything…and I mean anything.

For an indicative example, I know I have myself placed thousands of grocery store plastic bags in the trash. Looking through the house we find bottles and bottles of cleaning chemicals like Windex just partially used. It’s almost like to them it was easier to buy a new bottle of some cleaner they needed rather than to look for the one they already had. I know I have seen at least half a dozen bottles of partially used Windex. The home has four levels, and there is stuff on every level that needs to be tossed.

The family is planning on getting together the last week of October to do some major cleaning and tossing. A Tossing Party of sorts. While there are some things in the house of sentimental value, a few things family members would like to keep, I bet at least 98% of what is left at all three places can be tossed or given away. Surely there is a lot of stuff someone would love to have and can make use of it, but most has outlived its usefulness and needs to be classified as trash and dealt with accordingly.

All of the above makes me realize it is time to assess my own “stuff” and decide what is trash and what is not. Using the same eye I am with the in-laws’ stuff, I bet I can mark a lot of it as trash and deal with it accordingly…too.

I have often told people, jokingly - so don’t send the cops, the fire will take care of everything.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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