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A Wave in the Country…


I have written a few times about Country Life, its ups and its downs.  This morning, on the seven-mile drive from the Farm to my office, provided me with another reason to contemplate an “up.”  Just after turning on the hard-surfaced road I encountered a neighbor and we exchanged waves, as he drove in the opposite direction.  This wave is a pretty common to do along the road in small towns and rural areas.  People just seem to wave at everyone, and it’s a nice thing to do.  I know it makes me feel good when I do it.

This little jesture got me to thinking about something that was said in the book “Conversations with God.”  The guy in the other car, by virtue of the wave, whether he recognized it as such is superfluous, was acknowledging the fact that we, he and I, are connected.  He doesn’t know me, nor I him, but we are nonetheless connected as the One is with the All.  Spiritually, there is no “me” and there is no “you,” there is just an “us.”  Weird eh!  And the “us” is the sum of God.  God, therefore, is us, and we are, therefore, God.

Wow!  Heavy stuff.  My daughter, Meredith, is guffawing over that one.  Me, her dad, the consummate agnostic speaking of God, but this is where I am these days; Me and God as one.

So this morning as I left my house and drove to work, I waved at God and I waved at me and therefore waved at all of us, and the God of All Things waved back, and I could hear God say, “Have a nice day!”

And that is all I have to say about that…

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