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An Apple Pie with What?...


It’s a McDonald’s morning, overcast and in the teens, and another winter storm is apparently on the horizon.  I guess it is a little weird I have chosen to be here this morning rather than at my house.  Tina the housekeeper is there straightening up and cleaning this morning, and I have never been quite comfortable being in any of my homes when the cleaning crew is there.  I am the same way in hotel rooms.  If I happen to be in one when the housekeeper comes, I split for a while.  It’s a comfort, nutty thing I do.

So here I sit catching up on Facebook, my new obsession, and also work e-mails.  The Facebook thing is both stupid and wonderful.  I have reconnected with old friends, some I haven’t seen in more than forty years.  The stupid part is that I cannot stay away from it for very long – the e-mail alerts keep on coming when people write on my wall, and it is required to respond.  There are rules involved here. 

As for work, my company has been shutdown since December 21st and doesn’t re-open for official business until January 4th.  Unfortunately, for all of us out here in the field, customers have not had this time off, for them it is almost business as usual except for the Holidays.  So the work continues.

I am not looking forward to going back to work “fulltime.”  January will begin with me traveling to Louisville to hire a new sales rep.  The second week will have me in South Carolina with a new rep starting there.  The third week I will probably go back to South Carolina or, perhaps, Kentucky depending on when that new rep starts work, and the last week I am going to Phoenix for some computer training with my new reps.  February, oh joy, looks like a repeat of January.  If the travel doesn’t kill me the job might.

Having dispensed with the hyperbole, I feel better.  Now, having cleansed my mind of negativity, I must rededicate myself to the job at hand and go get ‘er done.  Bottom line is there is no BS allowed on the Best Day Ever.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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