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An Odd Christmas…


My 68th Christmas was truly a tad odd, certainly not the typical holiday it has always been for the first 67 years of my utterly fantastic life, but I might have to add this definitely was The Best Christmas Ever.

Early last week I received a call from The Nancy’s dad telling me her mother had fallen and broken the femur in her right leg.  Thus began our Christmas odyssey.  We came to Bridgeport, WV on Thursday where Nancy has spent most of her waking hours the past five days in a hospital room with her mother.  I put in more than a few hours myself, at least six on Christmas Eve, and I hate hospitals.

Christmas Day I dropped The Nancy off at the hospital and drove to Richmond, VA to share a little Christmas with two of our three daughters and two of our six grandchildren.  So far we have been away from home for five nights…yuck!
The good news is that today The Mother-in-law will be discharged and moved to a rehab facility close to her home.  The second part of the good news bubble is we, too, will be heading home.  I know our cat is missing us after being cooped up in the house all this time.

The Mother-in-law had a rough time of it the first few days.  Older people can get a little confused in hospital surroundings.  This particular old person was way off her nut for a while, but has bounced back to being her old ornery self – a welcomed sight, for sure.  Had someone told me the woman we saw last Thursday as we first entered this hospital is the same one I just saw, I would have doubted it top to bottom.  Amazing transformation!  Who says drugs are bad?

I have not had the “pleasure” of being in a hospital for an overnight stay in a long, long time.  This place is just a year old and very state-of-the-art.  They have a room on this floor where someone sits and monitors all the beeps and blips coming from patients’ rooms.  Technology has taken over hospitals as it has everything else.  The nurses all carry a little gizmo that turns a light on outside the room they are in to alert others a nurse is in attendance.  The Nancy and I guessed the beds in this place must have cost several thousand each.  It is quite the place I sincerely hope I never have to spend a night in.  The only thing I can think of about the place that reminds me of hospitals of old is the food.  It still sucks.

The M-I-L is to be released in just a few minutes.  Once we get her settled in a new room in a new place we are off to our habitual abode in good old Downtown Berkeley Springs, WV, population 711.  It will be good to get home to my own bed, my own bathroom (I hate using public ones) and my own beer supply.

This, too, is The Best Day Ever.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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