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Biloxi and the Beau Rivage…


The Nancy and I spent a weekend back in August in Mississippi, Biloxi Mississippi, to be exact.  We were there at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino to celebrate the impending retirement of a longtime friend.  If you have ever gone any place and enjoyed watching people this might be a venue you would enjoy, immensely. This is a people watcher’s paradise.

The casino in the Beau Rivage is a gathering place, as I suppose most casinos might be, of a myriad of types, sizes, socio-economic levels and just plain weirdoes.

Visiting to casinos is not on my Bucket List, nor is it on mt list of favorites.  I do not like casinos.  With the constant bell ringing and flashing lights and an overhanging haze from the cigarette smoke, not to mention the ever present cigarette-smoke stench, my first thought on entering is how quickly I will be able to do what I have to do and make my escape.  The Nancy, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind the lights, the noise, the weirdoes or the smoke. The weirdoes (I know, I should not be judging them, after all, they are God’s children, too) do, however, present me with a cheap, really great entertainment. 

I am amazed by the vast numbers of older people (older than me, I hope), at least they look very old, sitting in front of a machine spending a dollar every time they tap a certain button on it.  Most of the people do not have the appearance of being well off, causing me to wonder if they can truly afford to spend any part of their “fixed income” (you know, the one where they can hardly afford food and medicine) to doing what they are doing.  Anyway, the people come in all shapes and sizes, some appearing to have not eaten in months, compared to others who look as if they ate everything on their plates and everyone else’s plate, too.  Some folks dressed to the “nines,” and some who look as if they woke up that morning and dressed in a dark closet.  White folks, black folks, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians and loads of others, as well; such a dichotomy, a hodgepodge.

All of this causes me to wonder, as I walk through a casino, is there someone there looking as me and thinking, “What the hell kind of weirdo comes into a casino and doesn’t play?”  Judge not, lest you be judged.”

And that is all I have to say about that…

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Alright.  I’d really like to avoid sounding combative, but I don’t think I’m going to be successful.  In reading through these comments, I’m feeling like there’s some misdirected outrage and and just unreasonable expectations.  Whether or not you take exception to Joel’s introduction to the article (which seems pretty innocuous), the fact that this is an issue being broached at all should be encouraging.  Lashing out and searching for additional reasons to take offence is not going to facilitate constructive communication.And all of this talk about moderating community comments really concerns me.  I will agree that the Gawker family’s comment system is about the crappiest I’ve come across, but it sounds like you’re suggesting limiting people’s ability to communicate.  This is the internet:  anonymity brings out the worst in a great many people.  Particularly amongst gamers, historically, a rough and abrasive tone and irreverent/obscene language has always been common.  As a featured commentator to the Kotaku article attempted to explain, ridicule in the Kotaku comments section isn’t presonal:  it’s really just how these nerds talk.  If you give them ammunition by telling them you’re queer or black or like karaoke or whatever, some people are going to use that, sure.  Don’t give them personal details, and they’ll revert to blanket insults.  It’s all the same to them.That’s not an intolerance issue, it’s a general human decency issue.  Unfortunately, the internet is not where you find decent behavior, and the concept of “saying anything I want is a basic human right” is not the kind of attitude which is going to propagate pleasant discourse for a lot of people.What I’m trying to say is pick your battles.  Considering the fight you have ahead of yourself, try to be as gracious to others as you want them to be to yourself.  Bear in mind the context of the content that’s upsetting you, and try to determine if there are mitigating factors.We don’t have a right to be pandered to.  If you want a community to cater to you, it will need to be built.  It’s unrealistic to approach established communities and demand that they start providing you the service that you want at the expensive of the previous customers.  It’s perfectly natural to want equal access to all services, but it’s not okay to expect all services to change their behavior to suit your demands.Vote with your dollars!

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Posted by Hectdrony  on  04/22  at  01:49 AM

Here is the difference between exclusion and lack of inclusion: if I lived in 1850, I would be excluded from voting in an election; if I lived in 1950, I would be able to vote, but no one in the mainstream would be including me in the conversation or addressing issues that uniquely affected me. All of this simply depends on what you are looking for. If you want more content that would appeal to female or LGBT audiences, it seems like Kotaku would be willing to do that, but they don’t know what that content would look like and I haven’t seen anyone suggest what that content would be. That was the biggest flaw in Mattie’s editorial. If you want them to exclude content that appeals to their current audience but is unappealing to a female or LGBT audience, that isn’t going to happen until gaming is more diverse, and I think the diversity needs to increase before the editorial policy will change.  Note by unappealing, I am NOT subtly endorsing anything patently offensive or discriminatory. I understand as well as anyone what it is like being a minority. But I’ve made peace with it. The mainstream will rarely appeal to me, and that’s ok. The world is a big place and I have plenty of alternative sources that speak better to my sensibilities. The inclusiveness in the world has changed dramatically for the better in the past 50 years. The fact that you didn’t get the difference between exclusion and lack of inclusion shows how far we’ve come in some respects. Discussions like this help keep things moving. @Alex – As a straight black male gamer, I disagree. It skews towards straight adolescent male gamers aka the majority of gamers, but I find the majority of their content asexual. They do have a fairly masculine editorial voice, but the only solutions I can see to that is to replace male editors with female, or to strip the personal tone to be more neutral and professional. I’m not sure either of those are acceptable. Obviously you can also add a female voice, but if you don’t replace someone on there while doing it, you have to justify the expense. Are there going to be enough increased pageviews to justify that for a business? Is there likely to be in the near future if you gamble and hire ahead of the demand curve?I realize people here are unlikely to agree with this. Just wanted to add some perspective from someone who sympathizes with both sides while relating to neither.

Posted by cheapinsurancenet.net  on  04/29  at  11:45 AM

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