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Black Friday, the Day after the Feast…


This fine November morning, again, finds me at Starbucks.  The location of this one is near a very busy shopping area replete with a Super K-Mart, a huge Walmart and various other clothing and junk stores.  It is almost light on this cloudy, rainy day in Bridgeport, WV and I am struggling to believe my bloodshot eyes.  The parking lot of the K-Mart is packed full with cars cruising up and down the aisles looking for an empty space, actually looking for any space at all.  In fact there are cars parked everywhere and anywhere there is square footage enough to accommodate them.  The steady traffic heading to and from the Walmart is bumper-to-bumper and it is a very good indicator the parking there is in as bad a shape as the one just a couple of hundred feet from where I sit.

The question that comes to mind as I look out over this madness is “Why?”  What could possibly be at Walmart or K-Mart at 6:30 on the Friday after Thanksgiving to entice half the population of West Virginia to converge on this locale at this early hour?  After careful thought and consideration I can only envision all these folks so enjoyed the camaraderie and cum-by-yah of yesterday they had to have more of it, since their families probably all went their separate ways after eating themselves to the ultra miserable level on Thursday, and so here they are.  It does not appear to be a joyful moment to me, though I did so enjoy yesterday. 

It was fun to take over The Nancy’s mother’s kitchen and watch The Nancy’s mother in a state of near panic as she drove The Nancy nearly crazy looking for “what to do next?”  I think The Nancy was in a state of near panic as she attempted to give her mother little tasks to keep her busy so we could get the meal ready for the throng of family waiting hungrily while prognosticating the outcome of the Packers’ and the Lions’ game. 

As with all Thanksgivings past, everything came off as it should.  The meal was ready at the appropriate time.  Everything was oh so “delicioso” as it was supposed to be, and we all stuffed ourselves to the point of misery.  And, as usual, The Nancy finely acknowledged we had prepared enough food for the event, and her trust in my judgement was restored, at least for the moment.  It was truly the best Thanksgiving ever, but extending the exhilaration today at K-Mart or Walmart is just not in the picture for me.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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