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So you might ask, what the hell has The Hell of a Guy been up to since his website went down very early last month?  The HOAG, as I was once known, has kept himself busy with stuff.

Living in the middle of an old farm in an old farm house offers lots of little projects both inside and outside.  Now that spring has finally sprung with just my garden and mowing I could stay busy about 10-15 hours a week.  There is both indoor and outdoor painting to be done, but being the master procrastinator, I am certain I can put off the outside painting long enough for the weather to turn too cold to paint, and maybe the inside painting can be put off because I have too much outside stuff worry about.  It all makes perfect sense to me.

About a year ago I bought two 20”X42” wooden shutters to replace two rotting ones that serve as an attic access from the outside.  All that is required is for the shutters to be painted and hung.  At this very moment they are leaning against my workbench calling my name and pleading for a coat of primer.  I ain’t falling for their whining, besides, I am too busy doing nothing.

Last month I got visit the Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland to participate in a discussion with a couple of philosophy classes.  We talked about my philosophy of life – about religion and spirituality, morality, politics, The Nancy, unconditional love, loving one’s self and taking full responsibility for what happens in one’s life.  Thank goodness no one brought up procrastination.  Both classes were made up of a very intelligent, attentive group of awesome young people with a very awesome and enlightened teacher who visits my website.  I had a blast.

The Nancy had major surgery on April 12th and is still recovering from the effects of having 10 inches of her colon removed (she is in and out of the bathroom in a flash these days).  Thus far, we believe the surgery was successful and she will be a new woman in no time at all and free of abdominal pain.

I have been involved with the Continue the School Levy Committee here in Morgan County, West Virginia.  Our local school board derives about 25% of its yearly funding via a special school levy, an additional tax over and above what the regular property tax here in this state provides to the school board.  The opportunity to renew this levy comes up for a vote every five years, and this year there is organized opposition to it by a bunch of malcontents and fact fabricators who are distributing an immense amount of misinformation to the public.  If the levy goes down this county’s educators will have their financial hands tied and the students will suffer.  It is a sad situation.  It certainly has had my gastric juices working overtime. Keep your fingers crossed for its success; the voting is on May 11.

Seriously, I thought at retirement things would slow down much more than they have.  Perhaps things will when The Nancy retires next year, but I have a stinking suspicion it won’t happen that way. Now I am crossing my fingers. 

But, with all that said, I must still admit this day, as was yesterday and so many days before it, is The Best Day Ever in My Whole Life. 

And that is all I have to say about that…

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iving in the middle of an old farm in an old farm house offers lots of little projects both inside and outside.  Now that spring has finally

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