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Canadian Beer - An Assessment


In just two words, my assessment is: It sucks!!  Now, having read my assessment, you have a choice of reading why, or just take my word for it and go bowling, or do something else equally exciting.

Sitting on a United Airline’s mini-jet headed in a southerly direction having spent seven out of the last ten nights in Toronto, it feels wonderful to be going homeward to the land of microbreweries and really good beer.  Beer, decent beer that is, ain’t easily had in Maple Leaf country.  I think if I had to grade Canadian beer on a scale of one to ten, I am not sure I could go above ½.  Allow me, if you can stand the parade, to list the said yucky brands and an evaluation of those I consumed.  My assessment solely based on my keen tastes, of course.  Note, that I am a hophead and not a beer connoisseur. 

The first beer I had was a Carlsberg.  The bar tender, who was flat out gorgeous, told me the Carlsberg was the hoppyest beer she had.  She was very misinformed, but she was good looking, so I bit.  Carlsberg is a pilsner, I believe, and probably not brewed in Canada.  It is very wimpy with just a hint of flavor, about like a Heineken.  I think Carlsberg translates in English to “nasty beer” and was too lousy to score.

The next really bad beer I had was a Keith’s India Pale Ale.  In the US this brewer could be sued for misleading the public and false advertising.  Keith’s is not a good beer and certainly not and IPA.  IPA’s are to be over hopped, hence the term India Pale Ale (India is a far piece from England and had to be extra hopped to preserve the beer from going bad).  This one is totally devoid of hoppy character – it does, however, rank right up there with all the beers brewed by Anheuser-Busch.  Score: 1/2.

Two beers, so far! Score ½ out of a possible 10.  I am not a math genius but I think that makes the score ¼.

Next I had a Rickard’s Red Ale.  I wish I hadn’t.  It is as bad as the previous two.  Rickard’s tasted like a Carlsberg and the Keith’s IPA.  As far as I could discern, the only difference is that someone slipped some red dye in the vat during the “non-brewing” process to mislead the public.  Yucky!  I did refuse to drink Molson or LaBatts, both are really no more than perfect examples of Canadian mass produced industrial swill and not suited at all for my hophead taste buds or human consumption.  Does this make me picky?

I tasted a few of others (maybe five or six), but none gave me the beer experience I was longing for.  Then I found one brewed by the Mill Street Brewing Company called Tankhouse Ale.  Tankhouse is not the best beer I have ever had, but it did have a nice bouquet, a pretty good mouth feel and a taste that is mostly pleasant.  Drinkable, for sure.  It redeemed my opinion of Canadian beer, a little.  My opinion went from really poor to just poor.  I think my overall assessment of Canadian beer is fair and right on the mark. 

I suppose I shouldn’t attempt to go back to Canada anytime soon.

After reading this some of you may now vote “yes” on my wife’s “Is David a beer snob?” survey.  What is your opinion?  Could I possibly be a beer snob?  Hell, no!

And that’s all I have to say about that…

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Never fear! Phil to the rescue!

*try and imagine Phil flying in with a cape and a spandex suit with an ice cold pint glass on the front. Ok, not stop laughing and keep reading*

Phil has just mentioned 2 that you should try if you have not.

From the Unibroue Brewery in Quebec, La Find Du Monde and Maudite. They are both some of Phil’s personal favorites, as well as award winning!


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