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Cloud Watching


This past Sunday The Nancy and I took a ride from Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, WV (aka Town of Bath), population 711, to one of our favorite places in Sterling, Virginia, The Sweetwater Grill, and also to do a little shopping and to see the movie “Ratatouille” – psst!, go see it, it’s wonderful. 

The trip to Sterling from the farm takes about an hour and half.  It was a gorgeous day and perfectly suited for our intention, which was simply to do something relaxing away from home and work.  The temperature was about seventy-five degrees with very low humidity, and absolutely no summer haze to subdue the landscape.  The sky was a magnificent blue and dotted with white, puffy clouds accented by a brilliant sun.  Just a beautiful day to be alive with nothing to have to do.  And to make the trip even nicer for me…The Nancy was at the helm and the controls, and I got to ride shotgun.

The Nancy doesn’t often drive when we are together, but when she does, I get to take in the scenery I miss when I am driving, maybe shut my eyes and dose off for a few blissful moments, but most of all I get to recline my seat a little and enjoy the ride.  I love to watch the clouds through the sunroof as they drift around the heavens.  It reminds me of summer days when I was very young, laying on the grass and looking at clouds and picking out ones that looked like an animal or something else.  Did you do it?

Well, on this day, this sixty-three year old fart got to do this again.  As The Nancy piloted the car down Rt. 522 and on to Rt. 7, I gazed at the sky looking for stuff.  I quite easily picked out a large-eared rabbit, a fat baby, lopsided Mickey Mouse’s head, a snake, a dog with a super long tail, a lady’s face surrounded by flowing hair and one cloud that looked oddly like West Virginia.  I was feeling oh so good flitting back and forth from childhood to adulthood and began to wonder if this too is part of God’s plan - these wonderfully beautiful clouds in identifiable shapes - to make us happy?  It was about that moment when a rather large cloud entered my field of vision. 

What, to my wondering eyes should appear in a sky of Viagra Blue but an incredibly large cloud of perfectly shaped male genitalia.  At first glance, I thought, perhaps, I had forced the conclusion, but a good second look proved it.  As I stared at this prodigious freak of nature and pondered it, it once again proved to me that God does have an immense sense of humor. 
And that is all I have to say about that…

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