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College Football and The Nancy


The final score was 19-14 and The Nancy’s team was not on top.  The stadium was subdued and stupefied for a few moments as 65,000 fans began to exit the steel and concrete structure that brings them intense pleasure or immense pain.  Today, it was the pain.  As the shock of the loss sank in, thousands of amateur sports analysts began to dissect it, and the consensus opinion seemed to be, for a team that now has a season record of five wins against two losses, the loss could only be attributable to poor coaching.  It was determined the coaches have to go, and that change alone will allow the West Virginia Mountaineers to never, ever lose another game.

I love the see WVU win.  It makes The Nancy happy; therefore, it tickles the hell out of me.  I can look at West Virginia football from the standpoint as an outsider, and can be, I think, a bit more objective in my analysis than the diehard Blue and Gold fans.  The Nancy did not and would not criticize the coaches, but was saddened by the loss.  She understands some games are won, other are lost.  That is why they call them “contests.”  Not so with some fans, if the team loses they blame it on the coaches, but cannot attribute it to the fact the other team may have just out played them.

The West Virginia football program has not had a losing season since 2001, and has had a national presence for as long as I can remember.  This team has the best winning record of any football team in the country that has never won a National Championship, and has an overall win percentage of .559 throughout its storied history.

I am not a sports nut, I may not even be too bright, but I think a team that finishes a season with a winning record is a heck of a lot better off than one with a losing record.  WVU’s football teams have acquitted themselves well over the last decade.  The present coaching staff has done an outstanding job considering the mess it was left with three years ago when the previous staff walked away after the fans demanded their heads when the team was not 11-0 every year with a bowl win and a shot at the National Championship. 

It’s very easy to criticize.  We as human beings do it all the time.  Most of us can give it, but can’t take it.  These West Virginia fans are a fickle bunch, and it is guaranteed if WVU wins next week, especially if by a large margin, the coaching staff will again be held in high esteem.  It is just the way it works.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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At least you didn’t dub the experience as “THE BEST DAY EVER” smile  I agree with your assessments Mr. White.

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