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Des Moines or Bust…


I have not traveled much over the past two months so this is a departure, no pun intended, from my recent mode of operation.  This is one of those flights, Delta 6229, where there is a layer of clouds both above and below us, kind of surreal yet secure.  Kind of like being held in cupped hands.  So far, fifteens minutes into an hour flight, it is a very smooth ride.  I suppose if there is any anxiety within me it is being on an Embraer 145 aircraft like the one that went down in Rochester last winter – this one also has a male pilot and female co-pilot, and it is just a little too spooky.  Not that I am particularly superstitious, sitting here chewing on a rabbit’s foot with my lucky nickel in my pocket that I can’t get to because my fingers on both hands are crossed, but I am kidding around here, of course, because I still love to fly.  It allows me to pass the time thinking, planning and remembering.

I thought about this past weekend and the guests we had at The Farm.  The Nancy’s folks and a bunch of her family joined us for a very nice time.  I so enjoy it when people visit us and get to enjoy for a couple of days what we get to enjoy everyday.  We had two full days of good meals, Jeep rides, a little fishing and great conversations.  The nights were cool so we got to really enjoy sitting on the front porch in the rocking chairs like a bunch of old people waiting to be seated at the Cracker Barrel.  The porch is the most peaceful part of the house, it’s where you rock away your cares and worries, and maybe catch a beautiful sunset.  You really need to visit us to see what I mean.  Let me know when you can come?

I have written about the garden we planted this year.  The harvest has been incredibly abundant, and the garden seems to be a magnet for our guests.  I suppose they are in awe of it, knowing I planted it, and if that if a simple guy like me can grow crops, one does not need any special ability to do so.  The Nancy’s kinfolk raided the garden on Thursday and picked about twenty pounds of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green beans.  On Friday, The Nancy’s brother visited the garden and got another ten or fifteen pounds of stuff, and last night The Nancy and I raided another load equal to the others.  The stuff seemingly grows overnight, and I know when I get back there on Thursday I can probably pick at least twenty pounds of tomatoes and maybe a few squash, though they seem to be slowing down a bit.  I know I am crazy as hell for doing it, but next year I am doubling the size of the garden and also turning an area for corn and potatoes.  Maybe next year I will retire and open a produce stand?  Retirement, especially mine, scares the hell out of The Nancy.

Well, this aircraft seems to be in a decent into Cincinnati’s airport, which is actually in Kentucky.  Blue sky is now over us with little marshmallow shaped clouds below.  It is a hot, hazy day near the ground and I am eventually going to pay my first visit to Des Moines, Iowa.  This is the “Best Day Ever” and I am enjoying the hell out of it.

And that is all I have to say about that… 


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