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On the plane while returning home from our sojourn to the Orange Bowl I was enamored with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s book “Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big ideas,” an inspirational read explain “where science meets spirit.”

I cannot pinpoint the exact time I became interested in Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, but I surely know I am fascinated by them.  Photons, neutrons, electrons, atomic particles and all that tiny stuff these physicists get into is way over my head, I can barely do simple mathematical equations.  These quantum dudes are thinkers, real thinkers, unlike me who gets hung up early with insignificant the details (or ignores them). 

Dr. Wolf, in the 2004 movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” spoke of the strange behavior of atomic particles and of how while observing atomic particles they might disappear and then reappear in a different position.  His question was, “Where do they go?”  He says of “time” everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen is occurring at this very moment.  In the book he explains we live in memory, explaining by the time our brain processes what our eyes see and our ears hear the event is over and our brains reconstruct what it thinks we viewed and heard.  He discusses connectivity, something Neale Donald Walsch talks about in “Conversations with God,” and it is something I so totally believe.  We are all inexorably connected; we are one spirit, or Walsch notes, “individuations of the one soul, the Soul of God.” 

Ponder this factoid for a moment: every atom that exists today has existed in some form since the beginning of time.  “Life is a journey. It’s a roundtrip.  We end up where we began” says Dr. Wolf.  He goes on to say, “There is no such thing as either a birth or a death.  They both are temporary markings having to deal with the illusion that we are each a body.  We can mark our bodies as having a birth and a death, but the ‘I’ has never been born and will never die.”

He speaks of parallel universes, something the thought of intrigues the hell out of me.  This gets into the area of quantum mechanics which explains every event has many outcome possibilites.  Dr. Wolf believes we may drift from one parallel universe to another when we dream.  I know I have been in some interesting universes from time to time, and awakened (drifted back to this one) at some inconvenient moments – bummer. “As fantastic as it may sound, the parallel universe theory posits that there exists, as if on a different but parallel layer, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy, slightly different and yet the same as this one.  And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four and even more – no less than an infinite number of them make up a universe of universes.  In each of these universes, you, I, and all others live, have lived, will live, will have ever lived, are alive.”  Don’t you just love it?

I have to leave you now; I have had enough of this stuff.  I didn’t write this yet and I wrote it yesterday or was it last week?  At the key stroke of the last tittle and am out of here and out there somewhere into the great beyond.  Later, dudes!

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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I used to think it would be great to understand all of this stuff.  Time, string theory, “spooky action at a distance” Evey atom has always existed…  Man!  Only God could comprehend all of that and it’s a bit too much responsibility for me. 

I used to have conversations with God.  He told me to shut up and listen…  Works for me.

Peace, my friend.

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