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Easter Morning - A Philosophical Treatise


Easter is a religious holiday.  It is celebrated by Christians worldwide as the day Christ arose from the dead.  For those of us who are more spiritual than religious, Easter is a time of renewal: a time of rebirth – it heralds spring.

Kids have a completely different view of what Easter means.  Easter to lot of kids is a perfectly good Sunday morning where the eating of candy and goodies is interrupted by Sunday school and a lengthy church service.  To some others it is nothing more than the day the Easter Bunny comes and brings candy and some small gifts.  Personally, I believe it has gotten to the point of being completely out of hand and lost most of its religious flavor. 

As a child I completely understood the meaning of Easter and the purpose of the sweets and little gifts I received.  They were given to signify and celebrate the rebirth of a life taken.  A life given up freely to death for you and for me so we might be forgiven of our transgressions.  Now whether you subscribe to this or not, it is the meaning of Easter. Somewhere along the way the religious has given way to the commercial, just as it has with Christmas. 

We spent Eastern morning with four of our six grandchildren.  I happened to get up at my normal time, about 6am.  As I opened the door to the bedroom The Nancy and I shared (we took over Justin’s bed and kicked him out of his room), I caught glimpse of Justin (10) and Jared (8) bounding out of Jared’s room and bounding down the steps.  A few minutes later I descended the stairs dressed in my finest “It’s-time-to-go-to-Starbucks” attire.  I could hear the two boys as they perused the four goody-laden baskets set out evenly spaced on the kitchen table.  The conversation went something like this:

Jared: “That’s my basket.”  Pointing to a basket with a Webkinz bunny rabbit and a DVD of Charlotte’s Web.

Justin: “That’s Lukie’s basket, you moron.  It has ‘Charlotte’s Web’ in it.”

Jared: “I don’t want the dog.  I like the bunny.”

Justin: “You idiot!  The rabbit is Lukie’s.  You got the dog.  What a retard!”

For those of you attempting to figure out what a Webkinz might be, I offer this information.  These are stuffed animals that come alive online in Webkinz World. Find out more by going to http://www.webkinz.com  It.s the new Beanie Baby craze with an on-line twist. 

Shortly after the conversation was over I left the house for some peace and quiet and a good cup of coffee.  When I returned to the house all four of the kids were in the family room chomping on candy while they watched “Charlotte’s Web.”  I noticed Jared was holding the bunny while Lukie, his faced dotted with chocolate, pressed the dog under his arm as he ripped off the cellophane off a chocolate something.  Jared had won while Lukie, not knowing the truth, was quite happy in his world with his little West Highland white terrier.

It occurred to me this morning as this memory came to mind what happened to Jared happens to a lot of people.  They just aren’t happy with what they have been given.  They want what a “Lukie” has in his basket.  Other people’s stuff must just look better.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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