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Here I sit on another Southwest airplane heading westerly.  This is a perfect day for flying.  There is a sea of white clouds below the plane, a ubiquitous blue sky above.  This flight is about half full, and I have the rear of the aircraft pretty much to myself.  My earphones are on my head and Peter Kater is serenading me with some beautiful music.  I had seriously contemplated a nap for this trip, but knowing I have not posted a single thought to this blog, I put off my comfort in lieu of your reading misfortune.

Today’s subject is Facebook, more to the point, my Facebook musings.  Facebook has been around for a while, though I have little idea how long.  Long enough though, I suppose, for someone to come up with a sellable movie script, which I might add I have not seen and probably will not see.  A story about a 26-year old billionaire is not very compelling for me; we simply have nothing in common.  A side note: I heard yesterday our wacky Mr. Charlie Sheen makes, gets this, $2 million per episode on his “Two and a Half Men” TV show.  That is two million dollars per show for a season of maybe 20 weeks worth of work half-hour shows.  I cannot help but think how many millions of people out there are living in this country that won’t make $1 million in a lifetime.

Anyway, back to the subject.  I created a Facebook page about a year ago and if I had to describe my joy with it, I could almost point to it as a mild addiction.  I love it.  I have had fun with it.  There are things you can communicate to people on Facebook you might have difficulty saying face to face, mano y mono.  But here, on Facebook, you can say it, but don’t unless you truly mean it.  Here, on Facebook, it is cast in stone, and once written, cannot be denied.

Via Facebook I have connected with extended family members, loads of friends and acquaintances, and others I had lost contact with as long as 48 years ago on the day I graduated from the Baltimore City College (my high school).  I found a couple of cousins I had not communicated with in any fashion for probably well over 50 years.  Don’t know about you, but I find this to be simply fascinating.  I have often thought of some of the guys and I hung around with in junior high school and high school.  I have wondered how many of my high school brothers died in Viet Nam.  There were only 162 members in The Class of February 1962, Facebook has allowed me to find a couple and it has been an absolute joy to see what they are up to these days.

Does Facebook have a downside?  You bet!  One has to be conscious of what they post and what information one puts out for public consumption.  I have heard horror stories about homes being robbed when people posted vacation stories and others about computer viruses being spread.  There was one I opened that read I could see who is looking at my profile.  Not!  It was a link to another sight having nothing to do with Facebook, and since I have seen it fifty times on other people’s walls, I know I was not the only one duped into checking it out, like it really matters who looks at my profile.

Bottom line is, I like Facebook.  Down the road, who knows, I may fall madly out of love with it, but for now I am destined to check Facebook several times each day, and spend at least a few minutes each day searching for people.  I want to “friend” everyone I have ever known.  I want that list to be in the thousands.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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