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Florida Photos - April 2008…


The Nancy and I own five cameras – a 35MM, a video camera and three, though one doesn’t work, digital cameras.

We are spending the week in Orlando, Florida.  Part of the week is work related, the rest is vacation and relaxation.

Typically when Americans travel they carry a camera with them to photograph a memory trail.  Pictures may include those of people, places and things they wish to remember (and to show off).  The Nancy and I like to photograph things too, just so we can create visual memories.  The problem we have is one of memory, that is, the physical one.  Neither of us seems to ever remember to pack one of the many cameras we own – even the non-operating one.  This omission, believe it or not, makes picture taking an insurmountable problem, except…well, picture this, please?

The first shot I would have taken, had I remembered the camera, would have been of our seats in the First Class section of AirTran Flight 716.  We did the upgrade thing.  Imagine this is the picture occupying the space below?

“Nice Leather Seats”


I suppose my second photo attempt probably would have been one of new The Nancy showing off her weight loss of twenty-five plus pounds.  Doesn’t she look great?  Imagine the photo of her in the space beneath this?


“Skinny Nancy wearing Tommy Bahama”

Isn’t this exciting?  The imaginary album that follows, please pretend, is all the photos I wish I had remembered to bring a camera to take.  They include flora and fauna indigenous to Florida, more of The Nancy and a few of me, some of friends and people we love.  We have some of restaurants were we dined with our buds.  One of me with beer glass in hand!!!  What a surprise that one is, eh?  Well, you get the idea

Camera or no camera, we had and are having a wonderful time.  Even with a bit of disturbing news this week, we have had a glorious time celebrating life, friendship and love.  The current phase of our existence (it is a “forever” journey, you know?) may end at any moment, but the memories we create are part of the cosmic landscape forever.

Damn!  This camera worked just fine.

And that is all I have to say about that… 


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