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Fly, Fly Away


Yesterday I got to fly from Louisville, Kentucky to Baltimore on a Southwest flight.  Southwest has become my favorite airline, and this was the perfect day to fly on it.

As you probably know, Southwest does not assign seating on any of its flights, although you can pay a little extra and be assured of a lower number in the boarding queue.  My routine, since I am almost always in the first sixty on-board, is to go to the very back of the plane and sit in window seat in the last row or the next to the last row.  Quite a few times when I’ve flown Southwest, having assumed my customary position, as the masses board the plane and grab the first empty seats in the front of the plane, I find myself to be the only one seated in my row. You know I hate it when that happens.  My flight yesterday was packed to the hilt, all the seats were occupied, but it was still a very pleasant experience.

The sky was strikingly bright, just a few puffy clouds floating around and a very clear view of the terrain below – no haze to obscure it.  Earphones in place, Michael Hoppe’s “Solace” playing on my iPod, and I was almost in Heaven. 

I have said it before, and probably will again, when flying on days such as that, under those conditions, I can feel the presence of a Higher Power as I get to enjoy the beauty of Its creation.  Whether you believe in Intelligent Design or evolution, there is joy to be found while observing the earth on a perfect day from six miles up.  Having some beautiful music flowing into you ears only adds to the experience – and I ain’t talking about rap, hip-hop or rock and roll.  For me, this is an emotional awakening, the kind I get when I see a beautiful sunrise over the mountains or a gorgeous pastel sunset.

One more thing that made this particular flight a nice experience was a young lady of about 10-years of age sitting next to me.  She brought out a set of markers at one point, and in colors of red and green neatly and with two-inch high letters wrote “Merry Christmas.”  Jokingly I asked her if mom and dad were getting her a new car for Christmas.  She very quickly replied, “Yes, a Lamborghini.”  She was a delight and brightened my “Best Day Ever.”

And that is all I have to say about that…   


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