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Football, Basketball and the Upcoming Election…


It’s that time of the year.  As we approach the middle of the college football season, the beginning of the college basketball season, as well as the end of the 2010 election season, I have come a realization – actually a couple of them.

If the college football and the NFL season where to end today, it would not bother me.  As for basketball, I have little or no interest, so the beginning of the season means absolutely nothing to me, but the upcoming election means a lot.

The Nancy, as I have reported many times before, is the sports fan in this house.  My enthusiasm for any sport can be maintained on Mondays just with a quick read of the statistic section in the sport pages, but the election is a different story.

I like to think of myself as an independent, but I have to be honest with myself and all of you.  While in my voting life I have voted for Democrats, I have to admit my views align with Republicans at least 75% of the time – while against abortion, I am not in favor of denying any woman of her right of control over what happens to her body; I am totally for strict gun control; and as a spiritual person but not a religious one, I resent fundamentalists of any religion controlling a political party.  I very much believe in less government involvement in my life. I am not in favor of a national healthcare program run by politicians who have screwed up everything it has ever managed – Social Security, the Postal Service, Cash for Clunkers, Medicare and so on.  I am a fiscal conservative and want to see a Constitutional Amendment to force the Federal Government to balance its budget.

I believe, while he might be a great guy to drink a beer with, Barrack Obama may go down as the worst president we have had since Jimmy Carter, who, in case you are too young to remember, was president from 1976 to 1980.  When he spoke at the Democrat National Convention in 2004, I was energized by the guy.  When he declared himself a candidate I really though I would give him my vote; however, the more he talked, the more I realized he and I were miles apart on the issues confronting this country.  Now, two years later, I know I was right, he scares the crap out of me.

Some of you are shaking your heads in disagreement, and that is okay, it’s our right as Americans, but let me say this to you, don’t forget to vote your conscience on November 2nd.

Enough politics, let’s get back to football and basketball?  On second thought, let’s not?

And that is all I have to say about that. 

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Nodding my head yes, not shaking it!

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