Hell of a Guy

Hell-of-a-Guy IPA…


I am quite proud to announce the Berkeley Springs Brewing Company’s initial batch of IPA is a finished, very drinkable product.  One of them found its way out of the bottle and into my glass for me to enjoy with my dinner, and it was pretty damn tasty.  While I cannot say it is the best I have ever had, it most definitely is not the worst.  I am proud of the final product.

Brewing my own beer is something I have thought about doing for years; I just couldn’t muster the courage.  Now I am sorry I didn’t experiment with it years ago.  I am looking forward to brewing a second batch and maybe tweaking the recipe a tad, though at 5.9% ABV, this is a heady brew with depth and character.  Look at me sounding like I have a clue as to what I am talking about.  This stuff tastes good and I like it, and that is all need be said.

I really wasn’t supposed to drink the HOAG IPA for another six days, but I just couldn’t control myself knowing my home brew was in the basement aging and I was upstairs doing the same thing.  We met in the middle, and I succumbed to desire.

Suddenly, I have an almost uncontrollable desire to speak German.  Sprechen sie deutsche?

Und das ist alles was ich dazu sagen , dass…

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