Hell of a Guy



From the title you might wonder where this one is going, but believe me, I know.  But, I have to admit these kinds of holes bother the hell out of me.  Perhaps it is I just do not understand.  I may get some blowback on this one.  Here goes!  The holes of which I refer are those some of my fellow humans punch in their bodies.

What is it that causes an otherwise intelligent, sophisticated human being to put a hole in their noses, the bridge of their noses, their lips, their eyebrows, their tongues, or other body parts I won’t get into?  I don’t get it.

Not long ago I stopped in a sandwich shop in Richmond, Virginia – a Firehouse something or other.  As I waited in line to order a sub (that they really screwed up), I saw a young man, maybe early twenties, with holes punched everywhere on his face.  He had several rings stuck in his ears from top to bottom, maybe four or five in each.  He had a horseshoe looking device in his nose, rings through his nostrils, several rings in each of his eyebrows, gaping holes in his earlobes and rings at the corners of his lips.  To top all of this off, when he spoke it was more than evident he had also pierced his tongue.  Very frankly, I thought him freakish, sideshowish, and could not help but wonder why someone would do this?  What is the fascination?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not condemning him or really judging him.  I just don’t understand, but then I don’t get some peoples fascination with tattoos.  Hell, I was visibly upset when I had surgery and it left a scar…afterall, “my body is a temple” (a line I stole from a former boss).

As I said earlier, I suppose I just don’t get people.  I think of myself as a regular guy and am more than content to be part of the unadorned, the mundane.  I want for people to be who they truly are, to live their dreams and to enjoy life.  If part of that enjoyment includes punching holes in their faces, so be it.

I will shut up now.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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