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Inundated With Squash…


I have a garden.  It is the first one I have had in probably thirty years, and also probably twenty times as big as my last one.  My first attempts at gardening were of the salad variety – you know lettuce, radishes, cucumber and tomato.  I had varying success from year to year, but never really a lot of it.

Here we are, The Nancy and I, living in West Virginia on an old farm that has near the house what was an obvious garden plot about 30’ X 60’ with fairly good soil.  It just beckons planting, so this year I tilled a small section of it 16’ X 26’ and planted a salad garden plus. 

It is the plus that is overwhelming us with yellow summer squash and zucchini.  The dam stuff grows overnight, or at least doubles in size.  I bet thus far I have taken close to fifty pounds of yellow squash and ten of zucchini out of our garden.  I have sautéed it, fried it, steamed it, made soup and casseroles of it, and still have given away most of it.  I went up to the garden yesterday and harvested ten yellow and two green.  I looked this morning and I swear I could easily get ten more.  I have eaten so much of it already I am beginning to look jaundiced. 

We have not harvested but one tomato, and only because I knocked it off the plant, but when they ripen we will have tomatoes coming out of our ears.  The same goes for peppers.  We have green ones, hot ones, red ones, banana shaped ones.  We have two kinds of cucumbers that are just beginning to fruit.  If the flowers on the plants are any indication of the number of cukes we will harvest, we will be in pickles for life.

This garden is an experiment.  I know next year to spread out the plants, cut down on the number of them and never to use Miracle Grow on anything.  I am planning on doing the whole plot next year, and will probably end up in a mental ward of some obscure hospital, if it doesn’t kill me.  Farming is hard work.  God, do I miss my condo.

Add that is all I have to say about that… 

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