Hell of a Guy

It’s a Girl…Almost…


Here I am waiting patiently, though not a patient, at the United Hospital in Bridgeport, West Virginia. I am awaiting the arrival of one Lynnley Grace Corder, who shall be forever known as the great granddaughter of this Hell of a Guy…that is, when she finally makes an appearance.

I am not at my best when I have to wait for anything. That “patience is a virtue” is totally wasted on me. I am especially not at my best when I have to wait in a hospital. These places are where time seemingly stands still. There is no movement here. The hands on the clock move ever so slowly, as if not to move at all. We have been here since 11am, at least for thirty-six hours or more, and it is just 4:27. But the wait is worth it. Here on this day a little one will be brought forth. This one will be special, for she is our first “ggc.”

As I see newborns, I cannot help but ponder what these children will see in their lifetimes. I sincerely hope it is all good. The world of today frightens me in many ways – there is way too much discontent, too much violence, too many deaths at the hands of extremists.

On the other hand, this little one has every chance of living to see the year 2100 and all the marvels the next eight-five years will bring worth. Can you even attempt to imagine the advances in technology this one will see. What about medicine and space exploration? Will she see the eradication of cancer? Will man develop the means to visit other planets, or, perhaps, even make contact with life beyond our solar system?

I am thrilled with the prospect of holding this one in just a few minutes or hours (or days, so it seems). I just know I will have to choke back some tears, but that is okay. Lynnley Grace and I will be best buddies as time goes on and as she grows.

And that is all I have to say about that…


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