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January 31, 2012…


I have made the irrevocable decision (and I mean it this time) to retire as of 2-1-2011, and now am looking forward with some trepidation to my last full day of work on January 31st. 

A decision such as this is not an easy one for me, not a welcome one, or, for that matter, a willing one, but it damn sure is a complicated one.  The one certain in all of this is there are just 257 days left to my working career.  I think and hope I am ready for what lay ahead. 

For most of my life retirement has not been a subject I have addressed properly.  I am not prepared mentally or financially (though I will be alright) to handle retirement.  The decision to set a date has generated many questions, and I know there are many more way in the back of my head eagerly awaiting there nasty little turn in the queue.

I could have retired in February 2010, but I chose not to do it.  Frankly, I just was not ready (afraid).  I did set a date of February 1, 2010 and was quite comfortable with the decision until I changed my mind mid-way through 2009, with my boss’s approval.  I was still enjoying my job and still having fun.  This is not necessarily true today.  My business has changed and simply requires more than I have to give.  I believe I am no longer relevant, hence, my decision.

Fortunately I have nine months to plan my departure.  I also have nine months to plan what in the hell I will do all day long once I have 24-hours of nothing to do, but I won’t waver, nor will I vacillate. 

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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