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Kids…Where did the time go?


A friend of mine just sent me three photos of his daughter as she was about to attend her first high school dance.  She is simply gorgeous and so grown up.  As I looked at the pictures I couldn’t help but recall a meal I had with my friend, his wife and his three beautiful children.  My recollection of the kids is that they were babies, and this was just a year or two ago.  Surely they cannot be old enough for one of them to be in high school.  Can they?

I got to thinking about my own girls and other kids in my life.  Where does the time go?  How did they grow up so quickly?  Have I been asleep or in a coma?  Does tempus really fugit?

The memory of me changing Michelle’s diapers is so vivid.  I can see her dressed up in her “Mary Jane’s,” that she referred to as “Dorothy shoes.”  I can picture her in front of the TV sitting in her little rocker wearing a tiara or dressed up in an Indian costume for Halloween (1971).  I can see her smile on Christmas morning as she caught sight of her first new two-wheeler.  Where did the time go?  Michelle will be forty in January.

Where did the time go?  Meredith and I went camping with the Indian Princesses and nearly froze in the twenty-seven degree night.  It seems like yesterday.  She enjoyed and I tolerated a Boy George concert in Newport News, Virginia.  How did we get from Indian Princesses one day to nearing the end of her second pregnancy so quickly?  Where did the time go?

Kids: They grow up so fast.  I wish now I had hugged mine more – though I still get to do it.  I know I wasted a lot of valuable time on dumb shit when I could have been enjoying my girls.  I know the dynamic has changed for them as well as me.  And while they have grown and I have grown we still have time for hugs and time to create more memories.  Cherish your time with kids – whether they are yours or not.  What would this world be without kids?  Time would run out.

And that’s all I have to say about that…except to tell you to go hug a kid.

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For what it is worth, your hugs mean a lot more now than they did then.

Posted by Meredith  on  10/22  at  05:07 PM

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