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Living in BS…


Living here in Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (aka Town of Bath), population 711, has its challenges, especially when entertainment comes to mind.  Our town, as much as we love it, does not offer the variety of fun things to do as larger metropolitan areas do.  In addition to the touristy shops, that draw weekend visitors to swell our population temporarily, we have only one movie theater, a couple of restaurants, a park or two, and the Troubadour for local entertainment, that is unless you have a penchant for hanging out at the gas stations or McDonalds. 

I talk about living in Berkeley Springs, but actually, we live almost exactly 7.5 miles southeast of the village.  The Nancy and I are not true residents of BDTBS, WV (aka T of B) pop. 711.  We are country people.  You know, Hee Haw and all that.

The Nancy and I visited the movie theater once since we moved here just about two years ago to see “The March of the Penguins”.  This is a very small, old theater, and probably can accommodate no more than eighty to one hundred people at a showing, if that many.  The seats have to be the original ones and provide little comfort along with very little knee room.  Oddly, there are a couple of sofas in the theater.  The Nancy and I were warned by a Berkeley Springs’s friend that sitting on the sofas is not a good idea.  We haven’t bothered to seek the reason for this warning, but nonetheless took heed.  The sofas are heavily stained, and I do not wish to ever know the substance or the origin of the stains.  Long story short: no more movies at the Star Theater in Berkeley Springs, even if they do have the best popcorn in four states, as is claimed.

We have ventured in and out of the shops downtown (all three blocks of it), especially when we have visitors to the Farm.  The shops provide the guests something to do and give me a chance to not be obligated to visit with the guests and make nice for a few moments.  That could be a joke, if you want it to be?  Some of the locals believe the shops are mere fronts for more nefarious enterprises.  The Nancy and I do not, for that would be a judgment, and we only make judgments about friends and family.

I have my faves when it comes to the local eateries.  I have spoken of Lot 12 numerous times.  You have to eat there to truly appreciate the artistry of Damian Heath’s food.  Others in town rate on a range of pretty good down the scale to bulk, filler food or just plain “bad.”

I like the Warm Springs Diner for my pancakes.  I think they may be the best I have ever had.  The Nancy likes the Jesus restaurant (Maria’s Garden) because they will make her poached eggs the way she likes them - all runny and laying on a bed of dry toast.  I give in and go the Jesus restaurant because I love The Nancy (and she controls the love making, but I can’t use that as a reason) and want HER to be happy.

Tari’s is another nice place for good food, but I don’t like to there much anymore.  The menu is about a hundred years old, and after dining there once a day for seven weeks when we first moved here, I got a little tired of it.  The Mexican restaurant in town, where we eat a couple times a month, has great food, but the tired interior leaves a lot to be desired – it gives the appearance of being dirty, even if it isn’t. 

We have two pizza joints: one is horrible, the other not worth the bother.  “Pizza that Sucks” could be the motto of both places.  True Italians (of Japanese decent) would commit Hara-kiri before they would eat at either one of them.  The word according to me is that Berkeley Springs has no pizza, at least none worth my money.  We have a Subway.  Need I say more?  And, a couple of other places to get sandwiches and light fare, and even a couple of new little places we have not tried.  Berkeley Springs is so small we don’t have a Walmart, but we do have a Food Lion because we don’t have a large enough population to warrant a really good grocery store.

The Troubadour, home of the Patsy Cline Museum and the Morgan County Country Wall of Fame, is our local honky-tonk.  I have written of it a couple of times. It’s a neat place with a neat, down-to-earth clientele.  We go a couple times a year to enjoy hobnobbing with regular folks, drinking - God help me - regular beer, doing regular stuff.

All in all, many people would not take to living in a small town atmosphere the way The Nancy and I have.  We fell in love with this town and these people in a matter of days.  We talk about moving away from here when we retire, from time to time.  We have talked about moving into the village just to be closer to this active little town, as well.  Deep down, though, I do not know if we ever will.  It will boil down to whether or not this Hell-of-a-guy and The Nancy can afford to stay on the Farm with a fixed income.

I do know this is my little slice of Heaven and I love it.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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